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(Get ready folks. This is by far the longest chapter yet, and for a good reason. Everything is about to change and we are officially near the final peak of the story. Shattered Realities has been a wild ride and it only has about five chapters left. I hope you all enjoy where it's going to go and I hope you're all prepared for the heart ache and suspense that awaits you!

I have to give credit to one of my dear readers, "Komnenid", who suggested a plot that's going to lead to the suspenseful end of this story. Without them in fact this fic would have a very different ending. But now, shit gets real. So buckle up folks. It's time for this entire story to be flipped upside down.)


"What do you think is going on down there?" Steven whispered as he perched against the railing, trying to see through the rungs without being spotted. "They look like they're...talking." Connie rolled her eyes.

"Anything besides that?"

Steven scrunched up his face and tried to push it through the rails. With a pop, he managed. "Hmmm..." He gave a small gasp when for the second time that night, he saw twin hearts rise from either of their gems, one gold, one green. "They did the heart thing again. But...what do you think it means?"

"Is it The Glint?"

"No...I think it's different then the Glint."

Jasper and Peridot both sat there, frozen. They stared at both of their respective hearts, and Jasper hastily smacked hers away. Peridot's face fell a little and she looked away.

Jasper winced. "Come on, don't be like that," she grunted at the green gem. Peridot kept her arms crossed over her chest so the orange gem scooted up next to her until their knees touched. Just the slight contact against her leg made Peridot's green face darken. She tried to pull away but found herself immobilized, even though no one was holding her down.

"I just...don't want to make anything awkward," Jasper said slowly. Although she was quite certain just starting this conversation was what made things awkward.

"Why should it be awkward?" Peridot mumbled. "We know the feelings are mutual."

"Yeah I-I guess." Now Jasper was fumbling for words. "But I don't want to make anything too...intense. This is—I'm bad at this. I don't know how this dating thing works." She avoided Peridot's gaze.

"From what I understand about the humans we seem to be doing it right." Peridot went over the surroundings. "Strange food, flowers and mood lighting. It even smells like fire and smoke from earlier. I think everything had been done right."

Jasper chuckled awkwardly. "Yeah...and I guess it's up to us to finish the rest of the night as...right as we can."

"Well that's going to be rather difficult, as I sense we're being spied on."

Jasper glanced up the stairs and smirked as Connie ducked away. Steven however was stuck with his head in between the rails. "Yeah, I can see that."

The trapped boy wriggled and squirmed as he heard footsteps behind him approaching up the stairs. Connie had hid behind the bed, but he was trapped hopelessly even as the shadow of the two gems fell on him.

"Your stealth needs some work." Peridot smiled. She rose her hand and suddenly one of her detachable fingers separated from the rest, hovering toward him. "So does your camouflaging ability." The floating finger embedded into his side and Steven shrieked with laughter as he tugged back more desperately, trying to arch away from another finger that assaulted his other side.

"It might help if you pick a hiding space where your big fat head won't get stuck in," Jasper snickered as she carefully helped the kid get free and passed Peridot's fingers back to her. "You can come out, Connie. I know you're just as much of a culprit here." Guilty eyes slowly peeked up from behind Steven's bed.

"What was that thing you did?" Steven asked as Jasper set him down on the bed. "The heart thing you both exchanged? Is that another gem thing?" Both of them flushed and Jasper growled. "That's none of your business, brat!"

"It is a gem's way of communicating emotions. In this case, affection," Peridot informed as Jasper's face grew darker. "It can happen with any relationship and it's a gem's way of saying 'I love you.'"

"Peridot, shut up!" Jasper snapped. She scowled at a starry eyed Steven. "Yeah, yeah, just...get into bed before I decide I will tell the gems that you decided to play with a Sizzling Serpent." She grabbed Connie by the arm and tugged her out. "I have to take Gremlin number two over to your Dad's so he can take her home." She sighed. "Then I guess it's back to dream duty."

Steven felt bad that they had to cut their date off so soon. "I was thinking that maybe tonight you two could just...spend some time together? Yellow Diamond hasn't tried to contact me in a while and you two need to finish your date."

Jasper and Peridot looked at each other. "Are you sure?"

"Yeah! She hasn't come back since, so..who knows, maybe she knows you guys are protecting me and that's enough to scare her off." Jasper and Peridot chuckled.

"If you say so. We'll probably come back to check on you later anyway. We'll be on the roof if you need us," Peridot said. Jasper looked at her quizzically. "Apparently they have a spoon in their star constellations and even a lion, and I want to find it!"


All that was around the boy was stars and planets of all color but Steven knew enough to keep his guard up. Every time his dreams started happy, they ended awful. At this point Steven didn't even know what was a dream and what was reality. Or at least, the illusion of reality that happened in his dream.

He was in space. For now that was all he knew...but as he looked around it became more apparent that this wasn't some innocent star gazing spot (if he ever thought it was). Something hummed beside him. It was metal and huge. It towered to the size of the temple and Steven could barely make out what it was. It hummed like his fridge; a low, deadly hum that just grew steadily louder by the second. It looked like a satellite with a twenty foot long antennae sticking out vertically, but he knew better. It was a laser. A very large, very deadly...laser.

"Impressive, isn't it?" The child whirled around, and the moment he saw her slanted face something inside him snapped.

"YOU!" He lunged at the woman, the quartz on his belly humming with rage as he summoned his shield and hurled it like a disc, so hard that he could hear it whip through the air and it actually sounded painful when it impacted the side of Yellow Diamond's head.

She staggered and held her head with a wince, holding up one clawed hand in peace. "Hold on..."

"I'M NOT LISTENING TO ANYTHING YOU SAY!" He was like a rabid animal, hurling his shield again and again, beating at her in rage, lunging at her, tearing at her clothes and even trying to bite at her.

Yellow Diamond dodged his attacks with ease and recalibrated herself evey time she was hit, chuckling. Finally she laughed and pulled the fierce little minx off her foot, dangling him by his collar to her face. He hissed and spit and pinwheeled his arms in rage. "My goodness, what a wild beast you are."

"THIS WILD BEAST IS GOING TO SCRATCH OFF YOUR FACE!" His fingers curved like claws and lunged towards the woman's face but she simply held him away from her until the boy exhausted himself. "Are you done?" The child's eyes burned with hatred, but he said nothing as Yellow Diamond lowered him to the ground.

Steven was so tired his knees buckled until he fell to them, panting. He gazed up at the laser. "What is that thing?"

"Magnificent isn't it? The finest, state of the art gem technology, powered by useless gem fragments, with a range of 75, 000 000 000 00 miles." She stopped. "In fact, I think there's even more miles." And she gave a gleeful giggle.

Steven sneered. "I don't care about your stupid laser thing, okay? And I don't care about you! So go show off to someone that does care." He started to get up and look for a way out of this nightmare, but the tyrant's next words froze his blood.

"You should care because...look where that laser is aiming."

He trembled and his eyes slowly followed where the pointed barrel was looking at. It was small at this distance but Steven could still make it out by the mingle of blue and green on a small vulnerable sphere. "" Fear trickled down his spine but he refused to show it to the monster. "This is just a stupid nightmare! I'm not afraid, because that thing isn't real!"

Yellow Diamond blinked, wide eyed, and then she started laughing hysterically. The child's face burned with rage and embarrassment. "What are you laughing at!?"

"Y-yo-h-ho-hou!" she finally spluttered out, slapping her knees. "You're s-so cute and st-stupid!" She recovered from her insane giggle fit after a moment, wiping tears from her eyes. "Ah child, are you so daft that you haven't even figured out your own gem abilities? Do you really think that you'd be able to talk to me if you were having one of your stupid human sleep apparitions? Look around you, Quartz. You're on Homeworld!" She grinned. "And you're about to watch the eradication of your pathetic species."

Steven shook his head in denial. "No, said you needed earth in tact to do...whatever crazy thing you were going to do! Why would you blow it up?"

Yellow Diamond smiled. "Oh you misunderstand. See, this machine isn't going to blow up that hunk of rock. It's designed to specifically drain the energy from your puny planet and all of its life. It will wipe out your species, those traitourous gems and frivolous things we gems don't need, like your earth water and greenery. All we need is a vast landscape to build anew on and expand the Kindergarden." She waved her hand. "It's getting cramped here after all."

Steven narrowed his eyes suspiciously. "If you had this thing the entire time then why didn't you bother using it if all you want is to take away life on earth and just keep conquering?"

Yellow Diamond chuckled as she walked over to one of the holographic lifts that carried her up to the top. She gave a few orders to a couple of drones and immediately, the humming of the deadly weapon grew louder. "Well as I said, this is a new machine. We've been working on its completion for the last couple hundred years, and when I found out that your mother still lived on in you, I had a different agenda." She tapped the edge of the laser and then looked down at him. "I want to make you a new deal."

Steven snarled in hate. "I'll never make a deal with you!"

The gem smirked. "Hm, very well." She fell back nonchalantly against a hovering seat surrounding the floating panel of lights. She stretched and gave a bored yawn. "Fire."

Steven shuddered as the metal screeched and echoed through Homeworld's atmosphere as the gears in the large machine twisted and cranked. The noises were horrific and no amount of clawing at his ears could drown them out. The humming became louder, like a swarm of millions of bees. The barrel of the gun began to glow, sucking in the energy it drained from the gem fragments.

"My shield can stop this!" Steven yelled over the sounds of the weapon. "It stopped your lasers once, it'll do it again!" Yellow Diamond only continued to smile.

"Oh, I know."

Steven made a mad dash towards one of the lifts, trying to reach the same altitude where the laser was. There were so many discs in the air, hovering like individual steps of a floating staircase. Steven leaped towards one and continued jumping up the sky as the laser's power grew, each individual spiral of the barrel beginning to light up.

Just when the colossal blast tore from the barrel Steven dove in front of it, his gem glowing and the rose shield summoning larger then its size had ever been, making the child that stood behind it seem like an ant in comparison. The blast didn't even stand a chance as it hit the barrier like a wall, dying the moment it touched the power. Steven felt his entire body threaten to give out as he fell to his knees, panting. His entire body ached in fatigue.

Yellow Diamond jumped down from the control panel and landed on a lift that levitated right next to him. Her wicked smile couldn't have been any bigger if it tried. "The question is, how long can you stop it?"

" it TAKES!" Steven snarled through his panting. He shoved himself to his feet and faced the barrel straight on.

"How much power do you think you have, little Quartz? All I have to do is keep shovelling gems into this machine, but I believe you have a limit on how much more times your frail little body can summon that shield."

The machine began to hum again and Steven braced himself. This time the pain had a whole new level as the shield expanded in size to try and bear the power of the hot energy surging against it. The very effort caused every one of Steven's muscles to contort in agony and he screamed in pain, but he refused to back down.

"Keep your focus Quartz! You give up, you wake up, and your entire planet is destroyed. Don't you want to save your home?"

It fired again and pain radiated from the very core of his being. He could feel his gem screaming, he could feel his mom screaming... The shield was threatening to crack, and so was his gem.

"STOP!" he screamed. His exhausted body fell to the ground and tumbled off the lift, no energy left within him to even summon his bubble. He shut his eyes and waited to hit the ground, but something snapped him up by the collar before he could. His entire body was slack in defeat as he sobbed and didn't look up. "I...I'll talk."

Yellow Diamond's lips turned up in satisfaction. "Good..."

Steven didn't offer anything more then defeated and pained sobs, shuddering within her grasp. He refused to look up at her.

"I like you Quartz," Yellow Diamond said. "I admire you and your persistence. You're every bit as a strong fighter as your mother, and that's why I'm willing to spare you...and your entire planet." At last, the boy slowly raised his head.

"What?" he mumbled.

"Your planet is a dime a dozen really. I can find many more like it through out the galaxies, and it doesn't have to be earth in specific. I don't need your planet, so I don't have to destroy it. I just need a planet, many of them, and you are going to help me get them." Steven's eyes widened. "I'll spare earth. I won't ever make contact with it again. Your planet, your family, they will all be safe to live on their worthless long as you uphold your end of the deal. You stay with me, and I'll leave earth alone."

Wide eyed, Steven looked back over at his planet in the distance, and back up to the laser.

"Remember, one push of that button and it's all gone. You can't keep up that shield much longer, and you can't stay in this stasis state forever. You go back home and it's over."

His mind whirled as the fate of the world literally sat in his palm. He had the option to save earth right now. All of humanity, all of his the price of never again seeing them. Everything he had and everything he loved would be gone. But when it came down to it...did earth really need him? Every life he knew could easily go on without him. Connie would still go to school and grow up. The gems would still be bubbling monsters; Sadie and Lars would still be working at The Big Donut and Beach City would still go on. Humanity would still would just be without him.

Maybe this was for the best. Deep down he knew the gems and his Dad really just wanted Rose, but that was something that he could never give them, and every day that they saw him was just a reminder of that that they were all forced to live with. And he himself could never live a normal life. He wasn't a human...and he wasn't even a gem. So maybe, this was what his destiny was meant to be...the savior of earth.

"What do you say Quartz? ...Do we have a deal?"

The boy shut his eyes. "Deal." He opened them again and they flared with hate. "But I have conditions... You are never, ever to talk about the Crystal Gems or earth. They're not your concern anymore and they won't be mine so you are never to mention them again! Ever! And the name is Steven! I am not my mom! A-and..." He swallowed. "I get a day to say good-bye."

Yellow Diamond smirked and plopped him down on his feet. "I think those are fair conditions. We have a deal, Quartz." She reached down and placed a hand on his stomach, where his gem was. Steven froze in terror. "Wh...what are you doing?"

"In our culture it's how we affirm deals, it signifies a promise between two gems. It means you won't break your word and I won't break mine." Steven looked up at her, trembling. Slowly, he placed a hand on her chest where her diamond was, and tried to bite back a whimper.

"Th...then I...I'll see you tomorrow." He choked back a sob. "I'll come at...midnight, o-our time. It's...the same time we're at right now. But I know the gems will try to go after me."

"I've thought of that, don't worry. They won't be able to." She smirked. "Well then, farewell Steven. Until tomorrow. I look forward to the future we're going to build..."


It didn't feel like things were real when Steven opened his eyes. It felt like last night was just a nightmare, but Steven knew that the terrors that happened last night were a reality and that there was nothing he could do about it. This was his very last day...on earth.

"C'mon you three! Stop being shy already!" Amethyst grunted from the living room. "We haven't got all day you know! Steven is gonna be awake any moment! He's gonna wanna see this."

"There are more angles on this thing then I'm used to," Peridot whined. Steven finally came down the stairs. What he saw should have filled him with such joy and on another day, he'd be bouncing. Right now, his heart hurt. Everything hurt...just to look at them.

Lapis, Jasper and Peridot all stood there, clearly having just regenerated. Their outfits had subtle differences, but Steven could see the main ones clear as day. Stars. Stars took the place of the diamonds that were usually on their uniforms, and even their hair style was slightly different. Jasper's hair was mostly the same other then a few distinct added angles to replicate the look of a star. Lapis's hair was shoulder length and wispy, but Peridot's mostly stayed the way it had been.

"You three rock those outfits," Garnet grinned. Amethyst just scoffed.

"Naaah...I think we wear 'em better."

Jasper was the first to turn to Steven, and everyone else's eyes followed, excited and overjoyed. "How do we look as Crystal Dorks Steven?"

"Gems!" Pearl hissed. Garnet chuckled. "They couldn't wait for you to wake up so you could see them. They wanted to look like part of the team for the Beach City Palooza."

"B-Beach City Palooza... He almost forgot about it and what they were supposed to be singing. His last song number with the gems. The last time he'd ever be on that stage, in front of those people. He forced a grin. "Yeah, I can't wait! A-are you guys excited?"

"To sing?" Jasper griped. "Oh yeah, I'm overjoyed. Can't imagine anything greater. At least I don't have to wear a dress."

"You can if you want," Lapis snickered and dodged a swipe from the larger woman's hand. "I bet you'd look dainty and adorable."

"Want me to throw you in the bathtub, water gremlin?"

"No fighting today gems," Garnet said, looking pointedly between Amethyst and Pearl and Jasper and Lapis. "This is a day Steven has really been looking forward to and we want to make it special for him."

"For Steven," the gems agreed.

It took everything Steven had not to burst out sobbing right then and there as he looked at his family. His amazing gem family that would give up the entire world for him. This is all he ever wanted, was to have them all as his family. They were all living together, he could see them all every day. He could surf with Lapis, play video games with Peridot, and wrestle with Jasper. His world was finally right where he wanted it...and he was about to lose it all.

"Guys, I just..." His form shuddered and he sucked it back. "I just want to tell you that I appreciate all of this so much. I know you don't really want to do it, but you're gonna do it for me. Everything you do is always for me and you're all just the greatest family that anyone could ask for." The gems could sense the emotions within him, but they knew that Steven was a child equally prone to tears of happiness and sadness.

"We love you Steven," Garnet said simply and the rest of the gems nodded. "Yeah!" Amethyst noogied him. "Knuckle head. Besides, I'm kinda looking forward to it. It's fun to sing when it's with you!" She lobbed him to Peridot like a football and the startled gem yelped as she caught him. She turned him upside down and swung him lightly by his feet.

"You have done a lot for us." Peridot turned him right side up after a moment and Steven found himself resting against her chest, just wanting to feel all of their arms and for them to never let him go. "I've never...sang before. It's unheard of in Homeworld, but we'll do it for you." Always for Steven.


He didn't even want to go to this thing. That was so funny since he was the one that planned it to begin with, but he didn't need a reminder of everyone that he loved that he'd never see again. He didn't want to say good-bye to Connie and his Dad without being able to even say good-bye. It wasn't fair. It just...wasn't...fair. And the worst part was trying to fake being happy when his heart was falling to pieces inside his chest.

"Steven!" The sound of his Dad's voice would have brought bursting excitement any other day. Right now, it was just pushing the dam of tears to break. "Buddy, hey!"

Still, Steven ran to his father and jumped into his arms like it was any other day, laughing as his Dad twirled him and tickled him with his his furry beard, rubbing it against his face.

"How's my little star? All excited for your big debut tonight Stu Ball? You're on in just a few more numbers. I know the town is looking forward to seeing you again." He gave his kid a bounce. "They always are."

"Y-yeah..." Steven averted his eyes. "I guess I'm kind of nervous though." Immediately, Greg held him up over his head and raised an eyebrow at him.

"You? Nervous? I didn't think you even knew the meaning of those words. Since when have you been afraid of performing?"

"I—well I'm not really afraid of performing, I'm just really afraid." He looked at the ground. "About...the future, I guess. Whenever I read comics and watch cartoons the good guys always win and the bad guys are always defeated. But...that's just fiction. What if reality isn't like that? What if the bad guys do win sometimes?"

Greg was caught off guard by this deep and completely irrelevant musing from his son. His paternal instinct told him something was really wrong just by the expression on his little boy's face, but he knew he was still waiting for an answer. "I...well I guess sometimes the bad guys do win kiddo, but in the end life gives you what you really deserve." He smoothed his boy's hair. "Are you okay?"

"I'm fine." Suddenly he leaned in and wrapped his arms tightly around his Dad's neck, feeling his long hair tickling his face and smelling his cologne for what was probably the last time. "I love you Dad."

Greg nuzzled his baby close and ran his hands through the child's curls. "I love you too, kiddo." He hesitated, like he was about to ask something else, but decided against it at the last moment. "Go make me proud on stage." He paused and Steven felt him grin through his hair. "It looks like your favorite performer has arrived."

Steven opened his eyes and glanced over his father's shoulder to see her. Her hair was curled and bouncy, and she wore a flower headband. A dark blush her mother applied radiated off her dark cheeks. She wore a sparkling blue dress that fell to her ankles and Steven was sure that he had never seen her look so pretty before.

"Connie!" He turned and bolted to her. His best friend waved, but she didn't expect the way she was nearly bowled over by the force of his tight embrace, that nearly sent her hurtling to the ground. "Whoa, Steven!"

He hugged her tightly. She smelled like peaches and books. "You're so pretty!" He felt Connie freeze in the hug, but she returned it just as quickly, thankful her blush could hide the redness that erupted over her face. "And I'm so happy you're gonna be performing with us..."

"W...well..." Connie stammered and grinned. "I'm really happy that you guys decided to include me in this."

"Well yeah." Steven chuckled. He held her face in his hands. "You're important to the crystal gems too. We'd be nothing without you."

The girl's face heated with disbelief. "Steven that's not true." She laughed awkwardly. "The gems have been living without me all of their lives. I mean, it's only been a year that they've known me. S-sure I'm an ally to them, but their lives can go on without me."

He squeezed her hands. "But my life can't." At that Connie's eyes widened. "Every day when you come bring the sun with you. It's almost like it's kind of rainy without you." He rubbed the back of his head sheepishly. "I mean I guess I can still have fun on the days where you aren't able to come over, but it's never the same. Going to the Big Donut, sword training, reading books... It's just not the same thing without you there. And I'm not the same. I just...don't feel complete."

"I..." Words completely failed her. She wasn't even able to formulate a proper thank you. Words couldn't express her gratitude.

Steven felt like his chest was threatening to burst. He had never felt grief this way before. He was suffering the type of loss that a little boy should never have to feel...and yet, they were all right here. Everyone he loved was always gonna be right here, but he'd still never see them again. Somehow, it was worse then them all being gone. He looked into her eyes. They were on stage in just a few minutes. It was now or never.

"Dad always used to tell me stories about my Mom, but I never really got it until I met you." His hand curled into her small one, fingers entwining. "He said it was like finding the other part of his heart and...I found that in you. My may be Steven Universe, universe is you."

He leaned in and he barely touched his lips against hers. It was so soft and fleeting, but he hoped the touch could linger for a lifetime after he was gone and she had to live without him there. She'd find a way. You had to be crazy to not want to be with Connie.

The two children stood there even as the curtains started to pull back and the light fell on them. Neither spoke and neither had to as they just held hands.

"Hey, Steven, Connie," Sadie called to them quietly. "Get ready, you're all on." The children broke hands when shadows suddenly fell on them and they were crowded in a three way hug by Pearl.

"Oh you two look so adorable," the gem giggled, giving their shoulders a squeeze. "You look just like your mother and father did Steven. You should have seen them on stage." Her eyes misted over. "They were both so happy."

"Thanks for letting me be a part of this guys," Connie gushed and Pearl squeezed her tighter. "Oh of course our little knight! We couldn't be happier."

"And last but certainly not least, the performers you've all been waiting for! Steven, and The Crystal Gems!"

The curtains pulled back and Steven's hand reached out towards his family. He wasn't looking at them but he felt several palms; small, chubby, thin, giant and detached all press against his palm. The family separated and made their way to their assigned instruments. The spot light was on them and so was the small population of Beach City. Eyes, all adoring and eager stared up at him.

The Pizza family, his friends, the mayor, creepy little Onion... And at the front row, his beloved Dad with stars in his eyes. Before Amethyst could even strike her drum Steven held up his hands. The gems and city looked at him in confusion as he stepped forward with his microphone.

"Before we begin, I just want to say...thank you, Beach City." The citizens all looked at each other. "Each one of you are great tolerant! I mean, you put up with your houses and your businesses and stuff getting wrecked by gem monsters. You even put up with random evacuations when there's evil invaders from another planet that come and try to destroy the earth!" The crowd gave nervous laughter.

"And I've only been here for eleven years, but you guys have made these years awesome! I've got a lot on my plate, and...I'm not a normal kid, but thanks to Beach City I get to act like it sometimes. I can go and get pizza, I can buy donuts, I can play with my friends and I can even waste all my quarters at an arcade! And I know the gems...they're all so thankful for you guys too."

He smiled back at his family. "B-because you got to show them...just how awesome humans are." His throat tightened and his air threatened to choke off the rest of his speech. "And I just want you to know... that the Crystal Gems will be here to protect you forever." Even...if I'm no longer here.

His fingers reached down, and strummed softly against the chords of his ukelele.

"If you're evil and you're on the rise

You can count on the eight of us bringing you down!

'Cause we're good and evil never beats us!

We'll win the fight and then go out for pizzas!"

The rest joined in, each soloing their respective verses. "We are the Crystal Gems!

We'll always save the day!

And if you think we can't

We'll always find a way! That's why the people of this world believe in



Pearl and La-a-pis!



And Connie!

And Steven!"

The crowd erupted into excited applause as their number went on, but for Steven it seemed time had stopped. All the joy and excitement around him didn't even touch his ears. He strummed his instrument but his spirit felt detached from his body, heart twisting until he was sure it was going to burst into shattered fragments inside his own chest. His eyes shut and the tears started to slowly make their way down his cheeks.

Jasper's arm looped around him. "I will fight for the people that saved me

To get revenge on the world that enslaved me!"

Lapis's wings extended as she floated up, drawing an excited gasp from the crowd.

"I will fight for the child I know!

To grant my fellow gems their freedom!"

"I will fight because it is my duty!

On earth I live, I thrive I salute thee!"

And when Steven felt his friend's fingers curl in his own he was certain that nothing could possibly hurt more. "I will fight fight because although I'm a human

Together combined with my friends we can't be beat!"

"The odds are against us

It won't be easy but we're not going to do it alone!"

Steven began to cry freely as they sang the last verse together, his voice warbling across the airwaves and drawing concerned looks from the crowd. But the music was so loud on stage that the gems weren't able to detect anything out of the ordinary.

"That's why the people of this world believe in!



Pearl and La-a-pis!



And Connie!


Beach City screamed and jumped to its feet in applause. Steven wiped his face and bowed collectively with his family, and awkwardly with their three new additions that didn't quite understand the movement. In fact the weight of Peridot's limb extensions caused her to fall forward and for the whole team to burst into laughter.

"Give it up for Steven and the Crystal Gems, everybody!" Mayor Dewey shouted to the small screaming and cheering crowd. "Here to protect and serve the human race forever, and even after that!"

Steven was still holding Connie's hand, but it didn't stop him from running and leaping into the arms of his family. The gems all tried to get their arms around him at the same time, which made for a very awkward and crowded embrace, but Steven still felt the love that radiated from it. There was still tears on the left side of his face and they caught the attention of two certain Homeworld gems. "Thanks guys, for doing this. It-it was really awesome and I still can't believe that you and Lapis and Peridot sang," he giggled to Jasper. He was far enough in the hug that he was protected from any of her playful attacks.

"Aren't they supposed to have refreshments or something?" Amethyst asked from inside the huddle. "I'm hungry."

Pearl scoffed as they pulled back. "You're not hungry. We don't get hungry. You just want to eat and eat so you can complain to me about a sore stomach all night."

"Sounds about right, yeah."

"My mouth is a little dry from singing," Garnet said. "I think some punch might hit the spot." She looked down at the two kids. "And there's cake for the children." The group all dispersed from the stage and Connie ran to her proud parents. Steven however was snatched behind the curtain before he even had a chance to step off the stage.

"Spill the beans Steven," Peridot ordered as she jabbed the confused, upside down Steven in his chest.


"We're not stupid." Jasper uprighted the boy and sat him in her palm. "What's going on? You started crying right in the middle of the performance. And I know you're an emotional cry baby, but come on." Steven tried to ignore her and squirm away, but it was no use. Jasper's grip was like iron and he knew she wasn't like the other gems. They might be more passive and let him talk on his own time, but not these two. After all, they were used to interrogating someone, having done it for thousands of years.

"You cried. We want to know why." Peridot said. "Let me rephrase, we demand it. What is wrong Steven?"

"Yeah." Jasper gave him a little shake. "This is supposed to be a happy night. I mean come on, you made me sing and now you're going to be a sad sack? I didn't embarrass myself on stage for you to get all weepy for some reason!"

"So we want to know the reason!" Peridot crossed her arms. "And you're going to tell us."

"Guys," Steven began. "I just..." But he trailed off when under the fabric of his shirt began to glow, and suddenly, a pink holographic heart rose from his gem. It floated in front of his eyes, and suddenly, Steven just broke. He at last rasped out a wail and collapsed against Jasper's chest, sobbing violently.

Peridot and Jasper were absolutely taken aback by this sudden outburst. They exchanged concerned glances and gazed down at the bawling boy. Gems glowing, twin hearts suddenly rose from them both in response to the interaction, but neither tried to bat it away.

"Steven?" Jasper rumbled quietly, looking down at the broken child. "What's going on?"

He gave a deep inhale and started to sob anew, arms reaching and grasping at the orange gem as much as he could. "I-I'll te-tell you..." he sobbed out. "I pr-pr-promise..." He looked up at her with watery eyes. "J-just not tonight...okay?" he gulped. "Tonight I just—I just want with you guys and spend time t-together t-the rest of the night." For as I'm able to. "O...okay?"

Peridot and Jasper were at a loss. "...Okay," they finally agreed and watched as their boy fell into another tearful fit. Steven inched up so he was practically pressed against Jasper's face and his hot tears drenched her cheeks. Her instinct was to pull him off, but something forlorn inside her told her not to...and to make time for this as much as she could... As much as they could...

The two gems looked at each other, a thumb rubbing the boy's curls.

...Before they never could again.


"What time is it Spinel?" Yellow Diamond snapped as she stood on the central warp pad, arms crossed over her chest in annoyance as her golden eyes targeted the horizon for any sign of the boy. "Earth time moves so damn slow. Surely it's...whatever the boy said it would be already, isn't it?"

"Um..." A small plump burgundy colored creature with a jagged spinel stone over where her left eye should be scanned through the watch she had programmed into her database. "It's hard to say, ma'm." She squeaked as Yellow Diamond glared down at her. "You see, earth has many different time zones in relation to their sun and their moon. It depends on the area we're in."

"Well what time zone is it that we're in then?!" the woman snapped. Her tiny assistant cowered.

"W-wait I think I've found it! Yes, it is...11:50 pm right now, in the evening."

"Well is that close to this 'midnight' that the Steven told us about?"

"Checking ma'm, and yes! It says midnight is a term referring to 12:00 am. Which is in ten minutes. 'Am' seems to mean...the morning."

Yellow Diamond stared. "The morning? But isn't that when the earth sun is up? How can that be in ten minutes? Does their moon really lower that fast? Isn't this the time when the human species is supposed to be recharging?"

"Apparently not, ma'm. My records say that the earth's sunrise isn't for another five hours and twenty six minutes. For this part of the planet anyway." The leader just blinked. "The time of day and their natural light source seems to depend on the side of the planet they're on."

Yellow Diamond shook her head. "This planet's logic infuriates me." She looked over when the warp pad blinked and smirked as a very silent, very miserable boy trudged over. "Ah Steven, you're even earlier then you said you'd be. Approximately five minutes earlier. Wonderful."

"Pearl taught me to be punctual," the boy mumbled, refusing to look at her. He instead looked over to Spinel, who gave a small, very timid salute.

"This is Spinel, the royal advisor. She'll be accompanying you Steven and serving you. Whatever you wish for is her command."

Spinel bowed. "It's a pleasure to serve you, your highness."

Steven stared up at Yellow Diamond. "Your highness?"

"Of course," Yellow Diamond chuckled as she gave a signal to Spinel. "You bore your mother's gem, after all, a member of the Diamond line of royalty. And as you are now my charge, that makes you an authority figure of Homeworld as well."

Steven only felt even more hollow. If he were declared king of the universe right now that wouldn't make him feel any better. In fact, knowing he'd be treated like royalty while the rest of Homeworld was forced to suffer and be tortured and trashed just made him feel even worse.

"Are you ready Spinel?"

"Ready, your majesty." Spinel suddenly moved to the edge of the warp pad and Steven watched as she pulled some sort of contraption out of her gem. It looked like some sort of weird electrical plug.

"What is that?"

"A device that ensures not only does the warp pad stop functioning, it stops existing," Yellow Diamond said. "It's programmed to wait until we've left and then it will melt away the entire transportation system, ensuring that it can never again be fixed, and that we can never be tracked."

Steven's heart clenched. "Oh."

The warp pad lit up and instead of mumbling a soft good-bye Steven chose not to even think of his home as the light flashed them away and the beeping device in the metal surface melted away any trace of the warp pad until there was nothing left but ash.
"Jasper and Steven are becoming incredibly close," Pearl mused as she looked over at the couch cushions, where both had fallen asleep. Jasper's large body took up most of the couch but Steven could still perch comfortably on her belly. He slept on his stomach, rising up and down as Jasper breathed.

"They are," Garnet agreed. "It was inevitable. Steven saved their lives in more ways than one." She smiled and quirked her head. "And let's be real, it's Steven. It's impossible not to love that boy. He's the best thing for everyone and after all the pain we know Jasper and Peridot were forced to suffer, love is what they need most right now." The gems smiled at each other.

Jasper stretched out on the couch, cracking her toes and fingers. The movement stirred the sleepy boy reclining on her belly and he mumbled something about caterpillars and inched further up under the giant's neck. Peridot was draped over Jasper's knees like a skinny green scarf, hanging half way from the ground and the cushion.

"They're so adorable," Pearl giggled softly under her breath. "I don't think I could even bear to wake them up." She clasped her hands together endearingly with a croon. It was a picture of innocence. "Surely we can just save Steven's breakfast for later?"

Garnet smiled. "I suppose."

The comfortable trio probably would have stayed in their snuggle huddle all day were it not for the obnoxiously loud honking sound that suddenly boomed out of a smirking purple horn beside them. Jasper screamed and flailed in instinct, rolling violently to the side and tumbling off the couch, crushing both Peridot and Steven under her large stomach.

"Ohmygoodness!" Pearl babbled frantically as she yanked her baby out from under Jasper and cradled him. "Steven, are you hurt?!" The boy was half asleep and half aware, looking around the room with droopy, confused eyes. "Amethyst!" Pearl barked. "What were you thinking? You could have really hurt him! Do you know how much that brute weighs?"

"Hey, I was trying to wake him up! His play date with Connie starts in like a half hour! Wouldn't want him to sleep through it." The boy's eyes widened when he remembered, and he scrambled out of Pearl's arms frantically.

"Ughhhh...Jasper, get off me!" came a muffled sounding whine of pain from under the large gem. Peridot's free arm waved in distress. "You weigh a ton, you oaf!"

"Yeah and your bony body isn't any more comfortable to lie on!" Jasper snapped back as she pushed herself up so she was hovered over the smaller gem. Their glares faded to something more shy and sheepish when they were face to face, and nearly on top of one another. They froze, eyes locked silently. When a sudden burst of light from their gems lit the living room the two yelped and scrambled away from each other, covering their faces in mortification.

"Whoa..." Steven's starry eyes sparkled in curiosity even as Pearl dragged him up the stairs and back to his bedroom.

"You and Connie are going to get pizza later, right? Oh, you should wear that new little suit I bought for you the other day! Oh I'm sure Connie will simply adore it on you. You'll look cute as a button." Steven wasn't listening and only glanced over the railing. Jasper and Peridot were going about the morning as they usually would, but Steven easily noticed a darker tinge to their faces.

"Pearl, what was that?"

"What, Amethyst being obnoxious as always?"

"No! The...the light."

At that, the slim gem seemed to stop and her eyes widened. "Oh...ah...the light." She glanced down at Jasper and Peridot as well and looked thoughtful. "Well, it can mean many things, Steven. It's hard to say. It's somewhat of a gem culture thing. Gems can project our feelings and different emotions in certain patterns of light. For example, your gem glowed with extreme happiness when you ate your favorite cookie. It can do it in anger as well and acts like...a warning mechanism for predators."

Steven struggled to pull his head through the sleeve of his suit and stumbled around blindly. His voice was muffled. "Both of their gems flashed at the same time though. I've never seen that done before. Is it a new thing?"

Pearl watched the poor boy stumble around for a moment and giggled, guiding his head out of the sleeve. "Well...I suppose it could be The Glint."

Steven's head popped up from the collar. "The Glint?"

"It's an old, very ancient gesture among two gems. I don't know if it's even done anymore, especially since showing any general emotion on Homeworld was frowned upon and likely still is. The Glint is something that happens with two compatible individuals. It can either be a friendly compatibility or a romantic one. Basically when two gems care very deeply for the other their gems will glow." Steven's eyes got wider with the explanation.

"It's an unconscious thing," Pearl continued. "It means that gems can't usually control it if the feelings are strong enough. They can't contain the sheer happiness when they're so close. And when two gems touch a similar thing happens. It's used to measure the strength of a bond actually." Pearl smiled and a dreamy look overtook her. "The happiness you feel, the love...there's nothing like it."

Suddenly Steven yanked on her shirt collar, eyes even more starry and excited. "Me!" he squealed. "Do me! Do me! I wanna see how much you love me! Me! Me!"

Pearl laughed nervously. "What?" Suddenly Steven jumped up and grabbed her face, yanking it down to smush against his belly where he pulled his shirt up. Pearl's neck strained from the awkward position but she immediately felt a flood of warmth and joy that she had never before felt so strong. It radiated through Steven too as their gems tingled and they giggled. The twin lights were blinding and the feeling...was indescribable.

Steven clasped his fingers to his mouth excitedly. "You love me," he whispered. Pearl laughed and hugged him. "Of course. When did you ever doubt that?"

The boy was bouncing. "So-so-romance you say! The Glint usually happens when two gems are in love?!"

"Well that's one reason yes. It can happen for many reasons though." Everything else Pearl was saying fell on deaf ears as Steven's thoughts excitedly whirled. The gems glowing, the blushing, the powerful protectiveness they had with each other... "Oh man!" He leaped for joy. "This is the best thing ever!"

Clumsily slipping over his own feet as he struggled to get the little suit Pearl made for him on and run at the same time, the boy bolted to the stairs. He almost smacked right into his best friend. "Connie!"

"Hey Steven." She waved. "Are you ready to-"

"WE GOTTA GO, BYE GUYS!" Steven didn't give the girl a chance to finish her sentence or even step out the door as he grabbed her sleeve and yanked her out the door. He was so hyped up that he was bouncing on the spot and his eyes were starry.

Connie stared at the boy, her eyes having trouble following his excited movements. "Steven...did you have too much sugar cereal this morning? I thought you were banned from eating Crackle Happy Berries when you took a garbage can lid and tried to slide down the temple."

Steven shook his head. "It's not that, we gotta go to my Dad's right away!" Connie's face fell.

"Your Dad's? I thought we were getting pizza! My mom even made me wear this ridiculous frilly dress because of it." She pulled at the fluffy pink garments in disdain. "It's so long I have to keep holding it or I'll trip on it..."

"Connie you and I have a really important mission to do today." He squeezed his best friend's cheeks. "It's in the name of love..." The girl just stared at him from what she could, confused.


"Yeah!" Steven plastered his face to the glass on the window to look in at Peridot and Jasper. "Today we're Connie and Steven the Matchmakers!" he cheered.


"So let me get this straight," Greg began as he poured each child a glass of juice and dumped out a box of animal crackers. "You kids...think I'm some kind of love expert? Like cupid or something?" Greg grinned at the two sheepish kids.

"Welll..." Steven shrugged. "You've gotta be somewhat of a love expert since you got Mom to fall in love with you. I mean, Mom was a magical space rock lady! If anyone is the expert it's you here." Shoving cookies into his mouth, Steven inched over into his Dad's lap. He looked up at him with his crumb covered face. "Tell us your secrets!"

"Uhh..." Greg rubbed the back of his head with an awkward laugh. "I don't know what to tell you, I mean...I still don't know how your Mom fell for a guy like me. I'll never know how actually. Too bad this isn't something you could ask her."

Steven's face fell for a moment, but he shrugged. "Well how did you wow her? When you two fell in love how did it work? When you realized you liked her what was the kind of things you did to make her happy?"

Greg sat back in his chair and patted his child's tummy affectionately. "I guess it didn't take much to make her happy. Rose loved everything and everyone. She loved any place I took her. Everything about earth fascinated her and made her so excited." His eyes lit up as he spoke.

"What were her favorite places to be?" Connie asked, scooting so she was beside the man. He draped a free arm around her.

"Ahhhh...anywhere where there was life. Which is pretty much anywhere. I'd say her favorite place seemed to be the beach." He smiled. "Maybe that's why she chose to stay there with the gems. She was amazed by the amount of water and how many different living things could be inside it."

Connie blinked. "She didn't have water on her planet?"

"Well they did, but it wasn't as clean and calm as it is here she told me." Greg shrugged. "She didn't really want to go into detail." Steven nodded. Knowing what he did of Homeworld he couldn't blame her.

"Life just fascinated your mother, Steven. Any kind of life." He threaded his fingers through his son's hair. "I still remember the first time I saw her cry. We were walking along the beach, talking and laughing. Neither of us knew where we were going and that's when we heard it."

The crunch under his shoe made the man freeze. They were on the beach. It could be anything from a small rock to an abandoned shell, and all Greg could do was pray it was an abandoned shell and not something alive. He lifted his foot and his worst suspicions were confirmed.

"Oh..." Half the mucus from the snail stuck to his foot, while half was still in the grains of sand. He was hopeful that maybe Rose didn't realize, but that's when he saw the tears in her eyes. "Oh geez...Rose, I'm sorry."

The large woman knelt down next to the crushed creature and gave a small sniffle. It was so heartbreaking it made Greg want to cry.

"Come on, don't do that!" he pleaded. "I didn't mean it, Rose! I didn't see it...I'm sorry." He watched her pick up the shattered remains. And then he watched a miracle happen. As she cried over the small creature, it began to glow. To Greg's utter amazement, he watched as the shards of shell mended together over the small ball of slime and became whole again.


The happy snail poked its head out, antennae wiggling inquisitively. Rose giggled and nuzzled the thing to her face like it was a small puppy. She looked at the man that stared back at her like she had three heads. "What?"

"How did you do that?!"

"Oh, healing it?" She shrugged her shoulders and gave that giggle that Greg loved so much. "I guess that's a new thing I have to tell you too."

Greg grinned. "After that, me and your mom walked more carefully from then on." He laughed. "Actually, she thought of this adorable idea of painting their shells so they'd be more noticeable on the beach! We even kept one together for a few weeks. Never got a chance to own 'a couple's dog', so we owned a couples' snail."

Steven clapped his hands. "Maybe when we get Jasper and Peridot together we can get them a dog too!" Conne laughed.

"You're getting really ahead of yourself Steven. First we need to get them to fall in love."

Steven nodded. "Got it. So beach walks then, and no snail murders." He looked back at his father. "What else?"

Greg laughed. "Well...kid, that was for your mom. She's a little different from Jasper and Peridot. I don't think either of them like earth very much. What do Peridot and Jasper like?"

"Uhhhh..." Steven tilted his head. "Weeelll...from what I've seen, Peridot likes video games and Jasper likes...punching things."

Greg stared at his son for a long moment. Then he put him down and hopped off the chair, rummaging through boxes in his garage. "See I'm kind of...clueless when it comes to that, but I've got some books that may help you." He handed a crumpled old magazine to his son. "This has a bunch of dating ideas. Rose was always a fan of surprise dates. Maybe you two can set one up." He winked at his son. "Just don't go crazy."


The dim living room was illuminated once Steven lit the wick of a candle and put it in one of the holders. He lit a few more and soon the dark living room was completely visible. Connie was just finishing tucking some flowers into a vase and set it on the table next to the couch.

"Okay, what all do we have here?" Steven looked over the list of 'How To Set The Mood'. "Hm, lighting check! Dinner, check!"

Connie slid 'dinner' out of a plastic bag. It was a few fish stuffed, fish shaped biscuits that Kofi had made special for the occasion. "Yeah, I'm not so sure about this dinner."

Steven shrugged. "Well the book says that fish based dinners are perfect for romance! And this is as fish based as it gets! We've got the flowers too, so we've got everything but the dessert!" He leafed through the book. "And there's an awesome recipe here for some...creme brulee!"

Connie looked over at the counter, where Steven had made some sort of caramel mixture in a bowl. "Oh is that what that is? Isn't that like super complicated to make though? Or really dangerous?"

"You're right on the really dangerous part!" Steven giggled. "You use a blow tooorch!"

Connie's eyes widened. "A blow torch?! Steven I'm not allowed to even go near matches, let alone a blow torch! And I don't think you'd be allowed to go near it either." Connie looked around. "And speaking of that, where is everyone anyways?"

"Kindergarden." He paused at the look on her face. "Not the kind you're used to. They're going to see if there's any clusters left. Come on, you don't have to do anything, just get the blow torch for me." He mixed up the ingredients in the bowl. "I don't know why, but there's one in the top of the closet with some gem stuff."

Connie sighed and checked the closet. There were strange things in there. Magic things, she assumed. There was something that looked like a giant pair of scissors, something like The Jaws Of Life. There were a few small statues and old relics and near the back, Connie found the blow torch. At looked like a blow torch. Sort of. The canister was prism shaped and transparent and the nozzle had a sharp, unforgiving looking tip. Just touching this thing made her uneasy.

" sure it's a blow torch?"

"No," Steven admitted. "But it breathes fire. Me and Pearl and Amethyst and Garnet were on a gem mission once, and there were these super big rocks in the way. The gems said they were a special type of rock that only a certain substance could break through."

Connie's eyes widened as Steven aimed the thing over his bowl. "The fact that it was able to melt a giant-otherwise-impenetrable rock makes this even more of an awful idea. Steven, I really think we should go another route other then creme brulee."

"Relax," the boy said confidently. "I'm a gem, I know how to handle this stuff." He lowered the nozzle and a crackling sound was all they both heard as they were flung back into the fridge from the sheer force of the explosion.

"Whoa," the kids groaned and rubbed their heads. They didn't remember light from the candles being so bright.

"STEVEN!" Connie yelled, pointing a trembling finger over to where the counter was lit in the flames, and the large almost-purple embers were beginning to eat away at the cabinets rapidly.

"AUGH!" Steven screamed and shoved Connie away from the fridge as the frame began to burn. The fire started to spread quite rapidly through the kitchen, faster then a normal fire. "Water! Water, get water, Connie!"

The girl scrambled to her feet and made a break for a jug of water next to the counter, throwing it at the flames. They simmered slightly but then flared with a renewed dangerous vigor. They seemed to be stronger then regular flames. "Steven, we can't keep up with them! They're so fast!" The children screamed as a small explosion scattered more flames around them and Steven summoned his bubble.

"There's so much smoke!" Connie cried. "I-I can't see!" She backed up into Steven and they felt the bubble shift. Something lifted it up.

"Peridot!" Jasper yelled as she threw the children over the smoke to the green gem. Peridot caught the children and hovered above the danger, holding the bubble tight. "Take them, I'll handle the Sizzling Serpent! Lapis, now!"

From in the smoke the children saw blue wings and heard a rumbling sound. Rushing water. They clutched each other close and watched as a window suddenly burst open, Lapis's giant water hand rushing in. The fingers flexed and its watery palm slapped down on the spreading flames, killing them instantly. Ash and water and diminishing smoke was all that remained.

Steven and Connie were practically hyperventilating, taking in the sight before them. Jasper was attempting to wrangle The Sizzling Serpent, choking the out of control nozzle and finally smashing it to bits.

Peridot set down the children. "A Sizzling Serpent? I haven't seen one of those in...ages. They're so old." She glared at the kids. "But still so dangerous." The moment Steven popped his bubble Jasper's hand lunged forward and snapped him up by the back of his shirt.

Steven gasped as the large gem held him in her grip and dangled him by the shirt collar. She wasn't blindly screaming at him yet and for some reason that made him even more nervous. Her golden eyes were blazing with the rage he was used to seeing...but it was a different kind of anger. It was a lot like the kind of anger the gems showed if he did something stupid and dangerous. The large gem lifted him to meet her blazing, raging golden eyes. Steven's breath choked off in terror as his eyes widened and he stared at her. Without saying anything Jasper yanked up his shirt and held him firmly.

"What are you doing?" She scrutinized it for cracks but found nothing, so she yanked down his shirt. Then she jerked the boy up to her face. A hungry lion would probably be less threatening looking right now. From behind the large form both Peridot and Lapis were frowning disapprovingly. Lapis crossed her arms. Peridot's eyes narrowed from behind her visor.

"Quartz," Peridot began to hiss, but Jasper's hand suddenly sliced through the air like a knife and she held it in front of the others, silencing them. "I've got this," she said in a low, frightening tone. "Go try to make the house look like less of a disaster."

Peridot immediately did as she was told, but Lapis lingered for a moment, concerned. "Jasper..."she began.

"Leave, Lapis!" Jasper snapped. "I'll handle him." Wide, frightened eyes gazed over at the blue gem, silently pleading with her not to leave. He was terrified of what might happen to him and Connie, alone...with no witnesses. Steven felt helpless when she left him, all alone with Jasper. The door clicked and it was just him and a very angry gem. A very, very angry gem. Jasper's grip on his collar tightened.


"What the hell were you doing with a Sizzling Serpent?!" Jasper yelled as she gave him a shake.

"S-so that's what it's called?" the boy gulped.

"You didn't even KNOW?!"

"W-well I knew the gems used it before and that it melted rocks, but I didn't know its name..."

"You didn't even know what you were handling and you decided to use it anyway?! What the hell made you think that wielding that fiery WEAPON, in the HOUSE, no less was a good idea!?" She gave him an angry shake. "Geez kid, didn't your family teach you NOT to play with fire?!" The yelling was enough to already bring Steven near tears.

"I-I was just trying to do something," he croaked. "The house wasn't supposed to light on fire..."

"And what were you trying to do? Prove how stupid you were, because you got that done! Only skilled, highly trained gems handle flame guns and from what I've seen all you've ever handled is that weird earth..nerf gun!"

Steven's lip trembled with guilt and fear as he tried to avoid her eyes and tried not to cry. "I just...I just..."

"Did you think just because the crystal idiots weren't around that that meant you could play with fire? What do you think they'd say about that? " Suddenly she glared down at Connie too. "What would YOUR parents say?" The girl bit her lip and shrunk against the wall.

"Th...they wouldn't be happy." She shook her head. "But that's not what we were trying to-"

"You know if you pulled that kind of stunt back on our planet, doing something you were forbidden to do you might not live to see another day. They'd probably use the gem drill, or the spiked rod." The child in her grip paled and trembled. "This thing hurts when it's slammed into your face and chest, and your hands, and feet. Breaks your knuckles, ankles...breaks a few ribs." Steven started to whimper. "Yeah. Lucky for you, I'm not a mindless child beater."

Steven looked at her hopefully through tears. "You aren't?" Jasper suddenly adjusted her hold on the boy so he was tucked under one arm. Steven blinked, and then his stomach started to flutter again.

"No, I kind of have a feeling that the gems won't be too happy if I shatter some bones." Suddenly there was a sharp noise and an awful pain bloomed over Steven's backside. He cried out in shock. "But you've got another thought coming if you think you can double cross me!"

"Ow!" He yelped, and yelps quickly turned into crying and struggling.

"Wait!" Connie cried. She reached out desperately, trying to get the kicking and crying Steven as Jasper's hand kept swatting him. "Please—don't-! It-it was my idea!"

"Alright, alright, that's enough!" Lapis swooped down and pulled the boy out of the giant gem's arms. Steven bawled and curled into her chest, holding his backside. "Jasper, you aren't even giving him a chance to explain himself!"

"What's to explain? He admitted it, Lapis! The brat used a fire blaster! Give me one good reason why I shouldn't bust his hide right now!"

"Because I did it for you!" Steven suddenly wailed. Everyone quieted and Steven looked over at them with his red and blotchy face. Even Jasper's glare became very confused.


He sniffled and wiped his face on his sleeve. "I just wanted to create a really romantic evening for you and Peridot and make a really tasty and complicated dessert!"

Peridot and Jasper's faces darkened. "A-a date?" the green gem stammered. "You mean the arrangement where two..." She looked at Jasper. "...Compatible gems spend quality time together? That's what you were trying to do?"

"Yeah." He sniffled. Lapis wiped his face and gently set him down. The boy was too embarrassed to even look at Connie, but she touched his hand anyway. "It was gonna be a surprise when you guys came back. I...I didn't even know you were still here."

"The gems thought, since the clusters are far more hostile and...homicidal towards us, that it would be a good idea if we stay," Peridot said. She frowned lightly. "And it was a good thing we did." She bent down to Steven's level and lifted his chin with one of her digital fingers. "Steven even if you thought this was a good idea, do you really think Jasper and I able to enjoy any of this if you and the Connie human had been hurt or killed? Surely there's a better way to...ah, 'set the mood'...then arson."

Jasper had been quiet through this whole thing and after a moment she started to gather some of the ashes and throw it into the sink. She brushed the charcoal off the dessert. "You want us to have a date so bad? Steven, Connie, you're Steven's room." She pointed a finger. "Up you go."

The children looked at each other and grinned after a moment, understanding. "Okay!" They made their way to the stairs. Peridot and Lapis looked at the larger gem, but Jasper turned to Lapis. "Hey Water Princess, we can take the cleaning from here. There isn't much to do."

Lapis clued in and gave a knowing smirk. "Whatever you say. I was going to head to my room about now anyways." The door closed to her room and it was just Jasper and Peridot. Jasper walked nonchalantly over to the couch where their cold fish biscuits were and the candles were still lit.

"What are we doing?" Peridot frowned.

"The brats wanted us to have a date so bad... To tell you the truth, guess I don't mind it either." Jasper twirled one of her curls almost sheepishly, trying to avoid Peridot's stare. The green gem smiled.

"Sometimes it makes me sad that gems are unable to have children of their own without sacrificing themselves. A few minutes ago made me think that you could make an...exceptional mother."

Jasper snorted. "Yeah, one that shakes them until they get brain damage and beats their backsides? Besides...I hate kids. Except for those two anyway...most days." She picked up the fish biscuit. " this thing anyways?"

"It's shaped like the Lapis's aquatic pets. We probably shouldn't let her see them."

"Earthlings have strange customs." Jasper reclined against the couch. "When did this become our life anyway? When did we just...become babysitters? Those brats give me more trouble then my soldiers ever did."

Peridot smiled. "Are you really complaining? This planet is odd...but it has given us something our former home never did."

Jasper nodded, eyes soft. "Acceptance... Sometimes I kind of wish I had a chance to talk to Rose again. If I did I'd have a lot of things to say. I'd apologize for thinking she was a traitor for leaving our cess pool of a planet. And apologize for trying to, you know...kill her entire family." She shrugged. "I guess most of all I'd thank her for Steven."

"So would I." Peridot smiled shyly. ""

Jasper rose an eyebrow. "You've known me before we met Steven?"

"I did, but this time on earth made me realize how much I..." She hesitated. "How much you really mean to me." Her gem glowed, and Jasper's did too.

"...Ditto," she mumbled. They clinked the crumbling biscuit against each other's like a wine glass. "What's the thing Steven says? Oh yeah...bon appetite."

The two gems smiled at each other and their gems glowed, projecting a golden and a green heart.
Shattered Realities - 14
Sorry folks, this chapter has actually been completed on FF for like a week. I just have a bad habit of forgetting to post here. Same with the newest chapter.

This took a much different turn then I was aiming. Originally this was going to be centered on multiple couples but then I found myself writing more of the build then anything, and I wanted to incorporate the Homeworldies as 'moms.' Feel like I got them down. XD I've officially figured out the ending of this fic, and all I've gotta say is buckle up for what I've prepared folks. Any emotional anguish you've experienced this far is going to feel like a cake walk compared to what I have stored. I'm my own Rebecca Sugar! *evil laugh* The next chapter starts the final arc before the ending. Look forward to it!
So Cute I Could Just Eat You Up! by Cryssy-miu
So Cute I Could Just Eat You Up!
Mom gems playing with their smols

Belly noms, the ultimate tickle killer!


LittleDot by Cryssy-miu
Diffused by Cryssy-miu
"We fought so hard for freedom, why couldn't we just fight for forgiveness?"

Lapis and Jasper (c) Rebecca Sugar
Agate by Cryssy-miu

Agate, from chapter 13 of “Shattered Realities”

Steven and Jasper’s relationship is incredibly rowdy and playful so the only thing I could think of was just the two rough housing and laughing and that’s how Agate comes to be. C:



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95 - Lord of the Scrolls by FaithFirefly

XD, you already know my opinion on this hun, I saw it before anyone else. It's quite amazing how you fit them all in there. I love Tai ...

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