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About Digital Art / Student Core Member Jordan22/Female/Canada Groups :iconthe-suck-monkey-army: The-Suck-Monkey-Army
You Got My Suck Monkey Yet?
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Given by FFiamgoku
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Lineless Illustration
Illustrations without lineart, dependent on shading and highlights for definition. Done with mostly airbrushes.
Soft Children's Illustration
In one of my favorite styles, children's illustration style. It has no distinct coloring because everything is softly airbrushed in.
Full Digital Complex, multiple characters
Digital complex background, full digital coloring and lineart.
Digital lineart and colors, simple background
Digital coloring, simplistic background of designs and colors.
Traditional lineart, digital color with complex background
Soft shaded, complex background with traditional lines.  
Soft shaded with simple background
Soft shaded, simple background  Extra characters always add to price.
Soft shaded on photoshop with traditional lines
Soft shaded:  Soft shaded on photoshop with traditional lines. Extra characters always adds to price.
Detailed Inked Sketch
Detailed ink sketch:   (Inked and detail shaded/highlight on photoshop) Extra points/money for extra characters.
Shaded Sketch
Shaded sketch: (extra five for extra character). A sketch shaded in on photoshop.
Sketch - No Shade
Plain sketch scanned in, no shading. Extra points/dollars for extra characters.



Happy birthday !
Wed Aug 17, 2016, 5:41 AM
A lot of children likes cookies.
Thu Jun 23, 2016, 1:48 PM
As does Emma. Typical children
Tue Jun 21, 2016, 3:01 PM
Talia loves cookies.
Tue Jun 21, 2016, 3:01 PM
Does any of your fan characters like cookies? My Kirby fan character Buster loves cookies.
Sat Jun 18, 2016, 9:02 AM


Jun 27, 2017
11:37 am
Jun 26, 2017
11:12 pm
Jun 8, 2017
1:35 pm
Jun 8, 2017
10:30 am
Jun 8, 2017
4:15 am


Artist | Student | Digital Art
Hello dear friends! My name is Jordan. I'm an aspiring animator/character designer currently freelancing as I try to find my way in the world. I have a deep love for animals and people, and sitting on the swing drawing.

My bunny Frisk (as you can see above) is my life and heart and lil baby.

I truly love people, so don't be shy. I love socializing so feel free to start a conversation on my page. Please leave notes to more private matters/commission matters. They get cluttered easily!

I love to look at other' art so don't be shy to ask me. I critique fairly and love to take fellow artists under my wing.

Bottom line is I'm a girl that just wants to see the world happy!

An Open Letter

Journal Entry: Wed May 24, 2017, 12:11 PM
I know you're reading this. Can you maybe stop stalking me? Move on with your life? Like seriously who is really the immature one here. I apologized for the things I had done, and I meant them but holy shit. like I know you just write your blogs so I see them (because for some stupid reason I'm still watching you? probably to see what else you'd say about me)

It's still b-a-f-f-ling to me that...I was blamed for almost every aspect of your life? Blamed for why you couldn't figure out you were gay? Blamed because you were in an abusive relationship because I set you up with a guy I thought was really nice? Blamed for why you couldn't figure out you were autistic like are you shitting me??? Because I was an ignorant kid like many of us are that didn't understand autism and homophobia? You know, like...many kids?? Who was COMPLETELY clueless to things like autism because I was never taught what it really was?

How can you blame someone for how you couldn't figure out there was something different about you? That's like...if I blamed my Mom for me not realizing I had Endometriosis because "sometimes periods are just really bad and painful". She didn't know any better. I didn't know any better. But now I do. It's like you blamed me for ableism when you said the most ableist things about me in your venting. Double standards much.

I made my apologies and I meant them. I'm sorry that I made you feel like you didn't matter to me, I'm sorry I didn't talk to you enough and I didn't understand what you were going through and that I jumped to conclusions. But...I'm not sorry that you couldn't figure out you were autistic or gay? Because that is literally...the most ludicrous thing I've ever heard. Like I'm being called immature but I'm not the one blaming people because I couldn't figure out what was different about me.

Move on, seriously. Make new friends and get married to your girlfriend. Live your life. If you hate me so much why waste time on me talking about how horrible I was? horrible I still am because I have new friends that wouldn't say half of what you said to me? I get it, I'm a self absorbed artist who's abelist while being disabled with a fair number of fans that doesn't care about anyone, you made that perfectly clear. Just live your life and forget about me and be happy.

Final words I'll say to you.

Owed Arts!

Commission for :iconnoctuskerobian: - Pink Bar Letters Sketching by YuikoHeartless
Art trade for :iconsilentrisingsun: - Pink Bar Letters Not Start by YuikoHeartless

'Commissions open' free icon by hase-illustration Art trades open icon by hase-illustration Collaberations open icon by hase-illustration Requests close Icon by hase-illustration

YAY Polls Again! So. Whacha watch me for? 

19 deviants said idk I just love you
14 deviants said SU art
11 deviants said IZ art
6 deviants said Stories!
3 deviants said Other fanart (Comment)
No deviants said Original art



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Hey Jordan, just wanted to let you know that I recently did a drawing of the Diamond Reunion and I left credit to you in the description of it to be considerate, here's the link to the drawing, hope you like it:…
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