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Three Half Of A Whole by Cryssy-miu
Three Half Of A Whole

Here we have the Jaspers! The three gems that make up Jasper’s forced fusion in “Shattered Realities”.

Orange is the most dominant of the gems that make up Jasper’s fusion, which is why Jasper takes a lot of her appearance. Yellow is the least dominant of the three gems, so she looks the least like Jasper (but she has her hair color and pants color). Red has one arm, Yellow is blind, and what’s wrong with Orange will be revealed in the fic~

Yellow, Orange, and Red (c) Cryssy-miu (with some credit to my lovely :iconsam-firewolf:

“Do you think she’s cold?” Steven asked quietly as he cradled the jasper in his arms like a small infant. “Is there a blanket anywhere on this ship we can use on her?”

Peridot grunted. “I don’t know, Steven human. I don’t imagine, the temperatures of our bodies has never been something gems need to concern themselves over, unlike you mere humans.”

Garnet slipped her arm around the boy’s shoulder. “I know you’re worried about her Steven, but now that her gem is healed Jasper is going to be just fine. All we have left to do now is wait… I don’t know how long it will take. She could have been badly damaged.”

“Who knows if she’ll even come out,” Amethyst mumbled quietly. Pearl shot her a glare as Steven’s face filled with horror.

“What do you mean she might not come out?!” Steven whimpered. He tightened his grip on the jasper. “You said she’d be okay!”

“Yeah she will, but I don’t know if after all of this she’ll even want to come out. Nobody could blame her. There were times I poofed into my gem and I thought about just staying in it.”

“She can really do that?” Steven asked, wiping his face. “She can stay in there forever? B-but isn’t that the equivalent of being dead?”

Garnet shook her head. “To us it would look like it. Her gem would lie dormant but she’d still be alive inside it. It’s like…staying in a box forever. You can hear things, but you can’t interact with the world.”

“Jasper is a strong gem!” Peridot snapped. “She would never hide away and refuse to face the world! She’s a soldier!”

“Yeah a soldier that was just told she’s just a mash up of mutants! How would you feel being betrayed by the ones that created you?”

“I WAS!” Peridot roared, taking her aggression out on the steering wheel and causing the ship to jerk in the air. Steven yelped and almost fell off the seat. He clutched Jasper to his chest. “Stop it guys! You’re probably upsetting her…”

“Steven’s right,” Garnet said sharply. It was a tone Amethyst and Pearl knew well and they shut their mouths immediately. Even Peridot quieted, wary. “The last thing any of us needs right now is arguing, and it certainly isn’t going to coax Jasper out. Let’s just…” She sighed. “Let’s go home.”

Peridot landed the ship on the arm of the temple and turned off the engines. She fell against the pilot’s seat, but Garnet had her by the scruff of her neck before she could even blink. “What are you doing?”

“I don’t trust you on my life.” She dragged the green gem into the house and deposited her onto the warp pad. “Garnet!” Steven ran up next to her. “What are you doing?! We’re not imprisoning them! We’re supposed to be the safe space for them!”

“And we are.” They arrived in the room that housed bubbled gems and Garnet dropped Peridot. “But we also have to take precautions.” She looked around the room. “This room is for incapacitated gems and for now it’s where you will both stay. Steven, give her Jasper.”

The boy’s mouth creased and he held the gem inadvertently tighter. He reluctantly relinquished it to Peridot, and Peridot clutched it close. Without a word, Garnet disappeared into the warp pad in a single flash of light, and Peridot and Steven were alone.

Peridot stared down at the jasper in her hands, which were quickly beginning to shake. She pulled her knees up, balling against the wall. The gem gave a sound of distress and she flicked something on the side of her visor. The lenses thickened and she covered her face with her hands.

“Peridot,” Steven began softly.

“Leave me be, Quartz child!” the gem shrieked angrily. Her small body began to shudder. She whimpered and Steven could see tears roll down the green gem’s face.

“It’s…it’s gonna be okay,” the boy said quietly. He approached her, slow and cautious. He wanted to touch her, but he didn’t know what her reaction would be. “She’ll be okay and you’ll be okay.”


Steven’s face crumpled with despair but he did what he was told. “I’ll come check on you tomorrow.” The tears had already built in his eyes when he reached the pad, and luckily he was away from Peridot when he began to fall as his small body trembled.

“Steven?” When he heard the panic to Pearl’s voice it just made him cry even more. He turned away but the gem was there in an instant, in front of him and trying to get him to look at her. “Steven? Steven, what’s wrong? Did she hurt you?” He shook his head rapidly and just made a choked, sobbing noise.

“Oh Steven…” Pearl tucked him close and held the sobbing boy to her. She rose with him after a moment, holding the child as she had when he was even smaller and could fit in her arms perfectly. She sat down on the couch with him. “You’ve had to deal with so much tonight…”

He really had and he was at his limit. He was confused and worried and sore. It took until now to realize that his back was burning from…whatever they had attacked him with, and he had some cuts and a few minor burns.

“Lapis told us that you might be in Kindergarden but she never said why,” Pearl began gently. “Steven how on earth did you get to Kindergarden and why?”

“I just wanted to help her!” the boy wailed, pulling back from Pearl’s shirt. “I just wanted to help Jasper! I know she’s a forced fusion and I know that d-deep down she’s scared and I just want to help her! Sh-she told me she wanted to see me and I-I went…!”

“What did they do to you?” Pearl demanded, examining the boy. Out of this whole thing she almost forgot that they had abducted Steven. “What did those monsters do to you?!”

“Don’t call them monsters Pearl!” Steven snapped through a sniffle. “I-I’m okay, they didn’t really hurt me.” He didn’t want her to freak out over the burn. “Sh…she saved me,” he whispered. “Jasper re-released the fusions and she threw me and Peridot out of there so we wouldn’t get hurt! She saved us both!”

Pearl’s eyes widened. “She released the fusions?”

“Y-yeah! She turned right to Yellow Diamond and defied her! Right in her face!”

“Whoa-whoa!” From at the fridge, Amethyst nearly dropped her sandwich. “Hang on there, Bro. You…you saw…Yellow Diamond?”

He shuddered from the memory. Those cold, piercing yellow eyes, the jagged smile. The true, unvarnished evil… “Yes!” he cried and his tears started anew. He couldn’t bring himself to tell them that this was the second time he had seen her. “And—and she's—she’s awful and scary and mean! She said really horrible things about them!” He whimpered and balled up in Pearl’s arms, remembering all the threats she had given him. “A-and she threatened to kill me and ev-everyone I love!”

“Oh Steven!” Pearl teared up herself and crushed the boy to her chest. “I’m so sorry you had to see that-that awful…” She couldn’t find a word vulgar enough and just kept hugging the crying boy. “We won’t let her hurt you! We will never let her hurt you!”

“Wh-what about Jasper and Peridot?” he whimpered. “She wants them too. She already said such terrible things. H…how can someone be so…so evil?”

A sudden gentle two hands placed on his shoulder and Steven turned to see Garnet crouched down near him. She took off her visor. “Steven, sometimes there is just evil. Sometimes there is no good to be found in someone. But I will promise you this…as long as Jasper and Peridot are with us we will protect them too.” She smiled softly to the boy. “Remember what you said?”

Steven struggled to recall, but when he did he gave a wobbling smile. “No gems left behind?”

“No gems left behind…” Garnet sat down next to Pearl and Amethyst sandwiched them all on the other side as the team gathered around the boy and took turns comforting him. “Steven, I know you’ve been through a lot tonight,” Garnet said gently. “You must be exhausted.” The other two gems nodded in agreement and Pearl stood with the child in her arms.

“It’s time to sleep Steven…” He looked like he wanted to resist, but his eyes were half lidded, head drooping against the woman’s shoulder. She brought him to bed, laying him down as tenderly as you would an infant.

“So tired…” Steven mumbled, his eyes closing. “So tired…” He saw her face before he shut his eyes. “Jasper…”

It had been a while since she had been inside of her gem. In the military you weren’t really given the opportunity to spend too much time in your gem. Often the military would force gems from their stone—sometimes before they even had the chance to regenerate. It was a grisly sight to see; not all of the gems would be fully formed or healed. Some would be missing limbs, the others might have gaping wounds. And then sometimes regeneration took too long for Homeworld’s liking and they’d crush the recovering gems.

So Jasper never was able to enjoy regeneration. It was all and all a peaceful process. Gems didn’t feel any pain inside of their stones, although any afflicted injury was visible on their body. As it was right now Jasper could see some burns over parts of her body and several lacerations. They bathed in a light and glowed as the gem did its work.

Inside of the gem was almost like being in a small bubble. You could still hear the world around you and you could even see it if you wanted to, like a small window. Jasper heard a faint whimpering noise and as she walked out further she realized it was someone sobbing.

Is that the kid? That was her first thought. The brat seemed to be a sensitive soul and cried at the drop of a hat. She wouldn’t be surprised if it was him, but she wished he wouldn’t cry overher… As she listened closely, she detected the cries and it brought a twist to her stomach.

Peridot… For a moment Jasper just stood there, frozen and completely helpless. That was definitely her nerdy comrade crying and she wasn’t there to shut her up. Her eyes glazed over sadly. She didn’t blame Peridot; she felt numb. In a span of a few days she went from being Homeworld’s highest regarded General to somebody’s science project. She lost her mission, she lost her home. …Was it ever really a home?

Suddenly, Jasper realized that she wasn’t alone. She could hear breathing. It was very soft, and whimpered. She was sure that it was the kid until she turned around. There stood a figure smaller then Steven.

“What the hell?!” She staggered back and instinctively raised her large hand to bring it down on the figure with a snarl. It recoiled in terror.

“Shield!” the small creature shrieked and a yellow barrier put her between Jasper’s fist. “Don’t hurt me, please! I-I’ve already had that enough.” Jasper lowered her fist and stared in shock. On the gem’s face was a yellow jasper. The gem was yellow and looked like a miniature version of her, with shortened hair and a slightly pudgier face. Her eyes were like mirrors and Jasper could see herself in them.

“Are you…blind?” The small gem nodded.

“I’m afraid so. We all have something wrong with us.” She gave a little smile. “But maybe that’s what makes us special.” Jasper just screwed up her face in disgust. “I’m Yellow Jasper, but they call me Yellow.”

“Who’s they?” Jasper demanded suspiciously. There was footsteps near her and when she turned a red figure stood. She was slightly taller then Yellow but not by much. Her skin was red and so were her eyes, which blazed like gentle embers. Her hair fell nearly to her backside and she was missing an arm.

“We are ‘they.’ She was kinder, and seemed wiser. She had this know-it-all air to her that reminded Jasper of Peridot. A lot of Peridot. "Back in Homeworld since we were all jaspers we were called by our color. It helped to separate us. My name is Red. We’ve been waiting to finally meet you.”

“Waiting?” a gruffer voice snapped from behind Jasper. There stood the shortest of the gems, but she had Jasper’s muscles. “I wasn’t waiting for her!”

“Orange,” Red hissed.

“We were completely fine without her! It’s already crowded in this damn place, we don’t need another gem hogging space! She was fine where she was!”

“She was going to regenerate sooner or later, you had to expect to have her here eventually!” Red snapped. “Don’t bother lying, you know you wanted to meet her!”

The orange gem’s face turned a sunset tinge of embarrassment as she threw a punch that missed the armless gem. “Don’t go putting words in my mouth, you nerd!” Jasper stared down at the bickering two. The squabbling reminded her so much of Peridot that she almost laughed. When Orange started to body slam and nudge Red she really saw herself in the small gem.

“You three are all jaspers.” It wasn’t hard to put two and two together. “So you’re…you’re what makes me up.” There they were, the sentient beings in front of her that made up her very core. The gems that were a part of her. Her entire living being… She wrinkled her face in disdain. “You’re all so…puny.”

“Hey!” Orange snarled. “You’d be puny too if it wasn’t for us! In fact, you wouldn’t even be ALIVE if it wasn’t for us, so shut up!”

“Orange!” Red hissed. “I’m sorry, she’s incredibly short tempered, but rest assured we are all happy to see you. We’ve waited so long to meet you!”

Jasper stared down at the three gems. “You’ve all been in here…all this time?” They nodded. “Wh—why didn’t you ever say anything?!” she spluttered. “I’ve been in this gem thousands of times to regenerate! I never saw any of you! Not once! If you all wanted to meet me so bad why didn’t you show any of your shrimpy little faces?!”

“You didn’t know back then,” Yellow said softly, looking at the ground. Red put her one hand on her shoulder. “We didn’t want you to know,” the red gem murmured. Yellow covered her face and even Orange turned away. All the pain Jasper felt came flooding back.

“We never intended on you finding out, if we could help it,” Red continued. “You didn’t remember us, and what…what happened and we never wanted you to. We hid whenever you regenerated so you wouldn’t learn the truth. It was bad enough to live through it, but if we could keep you out of the loop then it would give us some peace.”

Jasper’s mouth fixed into a trembling line. She balled her fists up.

“We just wanted to protect you,” Red continued softly. “You were…all that was left of us.” Her eyes teared up slightly and Jasper bit down on her lip harder when she felt her own emotions stirring.

“How did…” Her voice cracked and she had to steady it before she could continue. “How did…this all happen? And…when?”

Red looked at her fellow gems and without a word, she bowed her head. Three red chairs appeared underneath every gem. “We were all harvested together along with several other jaspers. They were put into training immediately, but we were made with…defects. Our gems didn’t form correctly or to the proper size. The serum didn’t work properly. Normally gems with any malformations would be recycled instantly, but Yellow Diamond had just started a new program and was testing it.”

Jasper felt ill. “The fusions.”

“She thought by combining compatible gems together she could create larger, more damage resistant gems that would be stronger and more stable. Most of the defects mashed together just created a horrid monstrosity of gems missing limbs and deformed horribly, but there were a few successful ones. Like us…”

“We didn’t get much of a chance to know each other either,” Red growled. “But that’s okay because we spent the next thousand years doing that, all stuck together in one place. You were clueless when you generated for the first time, so we kept our mouths shut.”

“But…” Jasper was struggling to wrap her head around this. So many questions answered and so many left unanswered. “That…that isn’t fair! Neither one of you were given a chance! You were shoved together from the moment of your harvest! Isn’t there anything we can do? To—to try and free you?”

Red shook her head sadly. “We aren’t fully formed or functional gems, Jasper. You would have to shatter for us to come out, and I don’t even think we would be able to live very long on our own. Our gems can’t regenerate. If we’re injured that’s it for us.”

“So you…you’re all just stuck here forever?” Jasper asked helplessly. “That’s no life to live! You’re prisoners in this body!”

“Not exactly,” Yellow said, smiling at the other gems. “We have each other’s company and we get to watch you live! That’s all we really want. As long as some part of us lives we’ll be happy.”

“But what’s the point?!” Jasper snapped. “What am I supposed to live for now? Homeworld is all I’ve ever known! Peridot and me—that was our life! Our mission…” She shut her eyes. “Our existence.”

“You still have Peridot,” Yellow smiled. “And you have someone else to help you find your existence.” She looked upwards and the surroundings rippled. The sky peeled away and and Jasper found herself staring into a child’s eyes.

He couldn’t stand to be away from her and when he found Peridot had actually fallen asleep in utter exhaustion, he had to take her back. He was strumming some weird wooden thing. Music played.

“Oh Jasper I know you think they’re good

But they do awful things that no one should

You don’t have to be their war machine

Cause there’s more to you then we have seen!”

“You’re his enemy,” Red said with a smile. “And yet he treats you better then 'home’ ever did. There’s still a war going on. There’s still a side to fight for, and it’s up to you to choose what side you want to fight against.”

“And I just want to help you

I don’t want you to be alone

I bet you might like it here

If I show you our home…”

“You’re not a prisoner anymore and you definitely deserve better then this junky gem.” Orange made a face at their surroundings. “So stop being a gemling and regenerate already. Show the world they can’t mess with you. Show Homeworld they can’t mess with you.”

Jasper looked around at the three gems and for the first time in days, that determined fire came back in her eyes, which leaped with energy. She rested a hand on Yellow’s head and smiled at the other two.

“So does this mean that when I come back you’ll be here?” Orange glared at her flatly. “Where else do you think we’d go?”

“If you want us,” Red said, smiling. “You can talk to us any time if you want to. We’re always here for you when you need us. You never have to worry about being alone.” She smiled warmly at the larger gem. Yellow beamed, and after a moment, even Red gave the slightest little smile. Jasper nodded hesitantly and shut her eyes.

Back in a moonlit bedroom Steven’s eyes sparkled as the small gem in his hands floated up into the air. A white light emanated from it and it twinkled, taking form. She looked the same, white mane of hair flailing about her shoulders as she opened her eyes. The only difference was that a diamond was nowhere to be seen anywhere over her uniform. She looked down at him. “Kid?”

“Jasper!” Steven squealed, his voice so high pitched in excitement it was almost an inaudible squeak. “Jasper!” That’s when he realized that she was hovered over him and was plummeting down. “Oh…” The bed broke as the large gem crashed into it and him.
Shattered Realities - 7
A/N: R.I.P Steven. I headcanon that inside gems you’re able to control and conjure what you wish. Since Red, Yellow and Orange are all part of the same fusion they can do that.

Peridot’s digital fingers began to rapidly spin, helicoptering to the top of the hole as fast as she could. She kept a vice grip on the kicking child. “Hold still, you larva!”’

“We have to go back!” the boy wailed. “We have to save her! I don’t want her to get hurt!” When they emerged to the surface of Kindergarden they saw they weren’t alone. Four gems stood, poised and ready to attack. They balked at the sight of a hated enemy holding onto their boy. “Peridot!” Garnet snarled, gauntlets drawn and ready to fight. “Let Steven go NOW!”

The green gem gave a snarl. “You don’t underst-” She was cut off by the sounds of a devastating blast below as fire and smoke leaped from the hole. Steven screamed and ducked his face into Peridot, but the green gem’s face was just full of terror. “JASPER!”

The Crystal Gems halted and stared at the leaping flames in shock, and back at the two shaking and terrified forms now on the ground. Steven pushed out of Peridot’s arms and bolted towards the hole.

“STEVEN!” Garnet screamed and dashed after the child. But pushing himself into the hole, he ignored her and fell. Landing hard on the tile below, his vision was encased in red flames. All Steven could see was fire. Fire, everywhere. And somewhere in there, a tangle of limbs and angry and agonized screeches from the fusions that escaped. Tears of fear and smoke blinded the boy, but he summoned his bubble and persisted through the room. “Jasper!”

“Steven!” Garnet shouted from the fire somewhere and the boy felt himself be lifted up into her arms. “We need to get out of here!”

“NO!” The child roared furiously and he popped his bubble, leaping from her arms. “Not without Jasper! I’m not leaving her here!” Garnet clenched her fists, but she realized that it was useless to argue with the child. …And if she was honest with herself she didn’t want to leave the gem to die either.

“Okay. Bubble up,” she ordered the boy, and he immediately did so. “You have thirty seconds, and that’s it.” The child tore over to the other side of the room, and searched around through the broken glass, staring in horror at the flailing limbs.

“G…Garnet, we have to save them!”

Garnet bit her lip and tried to ignore the screeching of her once-friends. She teared up and shook her head. “Th-there’s no time, it’s too late for them. Search for Jasper!”

The boy bit back a sob but he sorted through the glass and muck, just desperately searching for any sight of gold. It was right when Garnet grabbed him to take him out that he saw it: a cracked golden shard in the rubble. The boy grabbed it and hugged it as close as he could, this time letting Garnet grab him.

The gems above screamed when they saw an explosion, fire leaping with the smoke and forming what almost looked like a mushroom cloud. “Steven!” Pearl shrieked. “Jasper!” Peridot screamed.

From in the smoke two silhouettes emerged. Garnet stood, dirty and burnt with a shivering and softly sobbing little boy in her arms. “We’re alright.” She gently set the boy down and Peridot ran over.

“Jasper!” The green gem snatched the golden stone from the child’s hands and her visor fogged with tears when she saw the large cracks in it. “Oh-oh no! Her gem—it’s damaged!” The gems were almost surprised at the emotion they saw on Peridot’s face, but none of them knew what Steven did. “Her gem is cracked! It…” Her voice broke.

“How did you all even know I was here?” the boy asked, wiping away tears and soot. “I was being as quiet as I could and no one was around!”

Pearl looked over at their newest addition, who up until this moment had remained a silent bystander through all of this. “Lapis heard you and when she couldn’t find you in your bed she had a feeling this was where you would be. So she alerted us.”

Both eyes met for the first time since their fight, although Lapis’s immediately averted to the ground quietly, and rather guiltily. Steven’s chest went tight and he quietly approached his friend. He rubbed his own arms guiltily, voice a mere tremble.

“Lapis, I’m sorry. I..I never meant to make you feel like your feelings didn’t matter! Of course I care about what Jasper did to you and I know it was bad, I just…” He trailed off into a frail whimper and his body began to shake. Tears fell rapidly from his eyes. “I just… I wanted to give her a chance and I…I knew Yellow Diamond was bad and I wanted…I wanted…” The ordeal finally took its toll on the boy as he crumbled to the ground, hands over his face as he sobbed. Lapis was at his side within two seconds and had picked him up in her arms within one.

“I know Steven…” The child buried his face into her chest.

Garnet’s face was solemn and she looked down at the shaking and crying green gem. It was impossible to be hateful to anyone in that state. “Are you hurt?” Trembling, clutching the injured jasper to her, Peridot shook her head.

“Hey, Peridot…” Steven said gently, trying to put his hand near the well guarded gemstone. “I might be able to help if you let me.” He didn’t know if he had his healing powers, but he could try. “I…I used to have healing powers. If I still got ‘em I can help her.”

Peridot looked at the orange shard in her hand and distrustingly at the boy. She held it close. “How am I supposed to believe that you won’t crush it?”

“I won’t,” the boy said gently, his eyes as sincere and soft as could be. He held out his hand and slowly, reluctantly, Peridot placed it in his palm.

“So what are we going to do with miss meanie zuchini over there?” Amethyst grunted, glaring at their threat that looked like nothing more then a terrified child holding onto her own knees like a security blanket.

“That’s a good question.” Garnet looked over at the child sitting next to the green gem. “Steven…what do you think we should do?”

Rubbing a caring finger over the indents of the cracks on Jasper’s gem, the boy looked up at her earnestly. “We’re the Crystal Gems…and we help everyone in need. …Right?” Garnet smiled and ruffled his curls affectionately.


“Wait, Garnet,” Pearl spluttered. “You can’t be serious! We can’t just take home one of our enemies! She’s been trying to destroy us and our planet! We can’t trust her!”

Garnet looked at the slimmer gem. “In the past, Rose would decide what to do in this scenario, but we don’t have Rose. We have the next best thing.” She looked down at the boy. “Steven, your call.”

Steven looked from the trembling green gem at his side to the damaged one in his hands. He gave it a gentle squeeze and nodded firmly back at Garnet. “No gems left behind.”

“No gems left behind,” Garnet agreed with a small smile. It faded as her eyes narrowed in on Peridot, and they became more fierce as she scowled. “But you… if you do anything to try and hurt any of us, or this planet, I will personally shoot you back to Homeworld myself in a canon,” she hissed.

Instead of screeching with rage and indignity of being scolded like a gemling, Peridot just nodded rapidly to anything they said. “I’m not interested in mayhem—just please…” she begged in a tiny voice. “Please help Jasper…”

“That we can do,” Garnet promised quietly. She turned with the other confused and apprehensive gems and started towards the warp pad. Pearl and Amethyst exchanged looks.

“So…that’s it then?” Pearl blinked, trying to comprehend all of this. “We’re just taking our enemies home with us?”

“We are,” Garnet said, the clipped tone daring her tea mates to question the decision. They didn’t. The group stepped on the warp pad, but nothing happened. Garnet stomped a foot down on the pad, but it remained motionless. She bent down. “The explosion must have done something,” she muttered, worriedly scanning over the pad.

“Does that mean the warp pad isn’t going to work?” Steven asked, eyes wide. Garnet nodded grimly.

“We could…try to wait for it to work if it’s simply down, but…” She looked over at the jasper in Steven’s arms. “I don’t think Jasper has that kind of time.” As she said this, the gem split slightly more and Peridot let out a distressed noise. “She needs healing.”

Steven trembled as all eyes went to him, especially Peridot. Wide and desperate. He was the only hope and he didn’t like it. He looked down at the gem in his hand. It split more, reminding him that he was on borrowed time. Hastily, the boy licked the gem, much to Peridot’s disgust. And as he feared, it did nothing.

“What are you doing, Quartz child?” she snapped. “Jasper’s gem doesn’t need to be cleaned—it needs to be healed! You have Rose Quartz’s gem, and I don’t imagine this will be a problem for you-so cry on it!”

“No—I-I’m supposed to have healing spit!” His eyes filled anyway. “But lately it hasn’t been working!” He started panicking and shaking. It was their only hope if the warp pad was down. “I—it won’t…it won’t work!”

“Peridot is there any alternative way to get back to the temple?” Garnet asked. “Surely with all of your technology you’ve created something.”

“Th-there is the ship, but we are still in the process of completing it! Most of my tools have been destroyed by the blast. It isn’t complete. I don’t even have…the blue prints anymore. B-but I may be able to improvise it. I do not think I can do it on my own!”

“You won’t have to,” Pearl toned in, already summoning things from her gem as she fell to her knees with the other one. “The fire didn’t damage the accelerator too badly, that’s good. But we’re missing some wiring here…” The two gems mused and talked formulas and blueprints to each other while Steven looked over to Garnet. “What can I do?” he begged.

Garnet threaded her fingers through his locks. “Keep Jasper company.” She gave him a gentle push. It wasn’t aggressive but Steven knew what that and her order kindly suggested: stay out of the way.

The boy numbly made his way over to the side of Kindergarden’s cliff and slid down against the rocks. The injured jasper plinked softly into his lap and Steven grazed his hand over the gem like he was stroking a small cat.

“How you holding up, dude?” Amethyst sat next to the kid and ruffled his hair gently. “You smell like burnt fry bits. At least we got here before they sliced you up or auctioned your parts off around Homeworld or something.”

“They weren’t going to do that Amethyst,” he sniffled. “Jasper didn’t want to give me up, I could tell. And sh-she saved me at the end. She…” He hiccuped. “Both me and Peridot. I-I don’t want her to die Amethyst.”

The purple gem slipped her plump arm around the child’s shoulder and gave it a comforting squeeze. “Hey, you know how nerdy and techy Pearl is, and she’s with a science freak. Two geeks on the go means double the time to get…you know, geeky stuff done.” That didn’t seem to calm the child, who just kept rubbing the gem and softly crying over it.

“I-I wish I had healing tears! So many have fallen by now that I’d have healed her for years to come!”

Amethyst frowned. “Man, you’ve really grown attached to her, huh?” She tucked her arms around her head. “I don’t know how you do it buddy, just…being able to love everyone so easily.” She smiled sadly. “You really are like your mom.”

“Did Mom…did Mom try to be friends with the gems that were supposed to be her enemies?”

“Oh all the time!” Amethyst laughed. “That’s what got her in trouble a lot. Your mom saw the good in everyone and she’d try to bring it out—kind of like you. She wanted to love everyone, but…well, you can’t do that in a war. Some times Rose could get through to other gems, and then they’d join us!” She smiled. “The Crystal Gems used to be…a lot bigger you know. A huge team. But now…” She shrugged. “We’re the soul survivors.”

“Did Jasper ever know Mom?” Steven asked, looking down at the golden gem.

“Yep, that’s a loaded story actually. They both used to work for the Diamonds! Jasper was a general and Rose was next in line to become a Diamond-until she got to earth anyway! And they just hated each other! At first…”

But they were both interrupted by the sounds of a quiet cracking noise, like the sound of splitting ice; just as deadly and just as frightening. “Ahhh! Oh no, she’s cracking more!” The boy jumped to his feet, panicking. There was a fair sized split up the gemstone. “Guys!” The boy whimpered. “Guys I don’t think she has much time!”

The spare ship suddenly made a loud popping noise and began to smoke and shudder. “Oh now look what you did you clod! You ruined it! I told you that those parts didn’t go there!”

Pearl gave the green gem a withering glare. “I ruined it?” she snapped. “You’re the one that lost the blueprints to this stupid thing!”


“If you’re as skilled and advanced as you CLAIM to be you shouldn’t need a piece of paper to know how to work this stupid thing!”

“Would you care to see how ADVANCED my lasers are?”

“GUYS!” Steven yelled, stamping his foot in rage. “Can’t you stop fighting for at least ten minutes?! What’s the matter with you both? We’ve gotta get home and we have to fix Jasper! Your arguing is not gonna fix the ship! Sh-she’s not gonna make it at this rate!” He teared up again.

The rising hysteria in the child started to spark it in Peridot. “The ship won’t be done until—I estimate at least thirty nine minutes—forty if the Pearl destroys anything else!”

“Jasper doesn’t have that kind of time!” Steven cried. “I don’t even think she’s got fifteen more minutes! We need Mom’s fountain NOW!”

Garnet shook her head. “No Steven, we need you.” She put a hand on the boy’s shoulder. “She needs you.” She looked at the dying gem in the child’s hands. Steven’s eyes filled again and he shook his head.

“It won’t work!”

“Yes it will.” She placed her hands firmly on his shoulders. “If you just focus…”

He gazed down at the golden stone in his hands and back at the several pairs of eyes on him. He took a deep breath in and furrowed his brows. “Focusing…” Firmly grabbing the gem, he didn’t break eye contact with it as he licked up the crack and just thought about making her better. Nothing happened, and Steven lost it.

“I can’t do it! I…I can’t do it!” Unable to throw what he was holding in a rage he elected to stamp his feet instead. “I can NEVER do what I’m supposed to do when I NEED TO!” Large tears filled the boy’s eyes as the deepest sense of failure and self loathing fell on his heart. “I can’t!” He sobbed. “Jasper is gonna die and it’s all because of me! Because I’m a failure as a gem again! And because I am, she’s going to die!”

“Steven,” Pearl gasped. “That isn’t true!”

“It is true and you all know it!” the boy cried. He shoved the cracked jasper back into Peridot’s hands and turned away from them all. He hugged himself tightly, rubbing at his own shoulders to try and comfort himself. Hearing a pair of footsteps behind him, he assumed it was one of the Crystal Gems until he heard her nasally voice.

“Quartz…it’s Steven, correct?”

The sniffling boy turned to her, face a dripping mess of tears and mucus. “I can’t do it Peridot. I’m sorry, I’m so sorry, but I just…can’t! I’m not strong like my mom, and I don’t know how to use half of my powers! I shouldn’t have gotten your hopes up when I said I could heal her.” He drew away from her, put his head in his knees.

“Homeworld has some of the most advanced technology that the universe has ever seen,” Peridot began. “Our technology in fact is years ahead of its time and centuries above what ever mediocre gadgets your have on this pitiful rock. Not even a gem with Jasper’s strength would be able to fight them…but you eased through out our ship like it was nothing. Through the barrier, yanked the destabilizer from my hand…”

Steven looked at her.

“And the laser canon. One of the strongest weapons the ship had in its arsenal, built by my brilliant mind I feel like adding; it was no match for your shield. Yellow Diamond wanted your capture for a reason, Steven human. You are a threat to us.” She rephrased, eyes cold. “Them… You are a threat to them. You possibly have the potential to be the strongest warrior our race has ever seen.”

Tear filled, awestruck eyes looked up at her. “I do?”

“You do. Confidence is the key, believing in yourself. That is how Jasper and I always succeeded. We believed in our own abilities and our cause. That is how your mother won the war, confidence. Confidence is your only chance right now. A gem can not simply lose their abilities, but fear can cause it to go into hiding. You came here because of Jasper, even when you were put into danger.” Peridot shut her eyes morosely and put a hand on her chest. “Tonight we caused great harm to you, and for that I apologize.”

They were words she never imagined she would utter, not to their supposed enemies. Harm to them was what they were supposed to cause…but that was before they learned their so called leader valued them as nothing more then pawns and science projects, and their supposed enemies were the only ones that had been genuine this entire time.

“If you can heal my comrade…I will be forever grateful. You have powers far beyond what Yellow Diamond possesses and she feared you for a reason. So surely…you can heal a simple gem.”

The child gave a wobbly smile and looked back at the jasper in his hand. It cracked more, almost as a taunt. It was seconds away from completely shattering. Believe in Steven, believe in Steven, believe in Steven… He licked it. Hope was lost when the gem didn’t react, but slowly, it began to glow. Stars appeared in the boy’s eyes with his tears as the jasper healed completely.

“I did it! STEVEN THE HEALER IS BACK!” He pumped his fists. The always serious look on the green gem’s face seemed to tilt upwards slightly, relief flooding through her as the jasper shone healthily.

“So when is she going to come out?” the child demanded excitedly. “Soon right? Like…really soon?”

Peridot shook her head. “She was caught in an explosion, Steven human. I imagine it will be a long waiting process. If the fusions got to her, there’s all sorts of wounds she could have. Lacerations, burns, broken bones…”

The child shuddered as she went on with the hypothetical medical horrors and looked over when he saw fire leap from one of the ship’s engines. “Is it working?!”


The child looked at the pacing green gem holding the jasper to her chest and back at his family as they worked away on the ship, that was finally starting to run. What was it going to be like now, having the two Homeworld gems as part of their wayward family?

Peridot just stood there, bewildered and suddenly without the purpose she had known and the place she called home. Even her lab was destroyed. Right now the only remnant of her old life was there in her hands…

“So what are you guys going to do now?” Steven asked softly. Surely they wouldn’t even think about going back to a place as awful as Homeworld when they had just learned that they were flat out nothing more then toys to be played with. “About…Homeworld I mean?”

“I…” The green gem shook her head, utterly lost. “I don’t know.” She looked back down to the jasper in her hand. “Right now my…my priorities lie on getting Jasper back, and then…” Wide, pained green eyes stared down at the dirt under their feet. “I…I just don’t know.”

Steven’s brows creased in concern and he smiled gently at the gem. “Hey…” But when he touched her shoulder, she recoiled as if someone had burned her. And knowing why she was afraid of being touched just made it even sadder. “Why don’t we just start over? We’re all starting a new chapter now, and it looks like it’s gonna be together. We didn’t exactly get off on the right foot before.”

He held out his hand to her. “Hi, I’m Steven Quartz Universe! I’m a Crystal Gem, and I love donuts.”

She stared at his hand as he held it out to her, head tilting in confusion until she finally just asked, “what are you doing?”

“It’s a handshake! It’s what we do here when you’re introducing yourself!” Awkwardly, the green gem wiggled one of his fingers.

“…Peridot. So far that’s the only introduction I can give you, since I have no idea what my identity is anymore.”

Steven frowned sympathetically and gave her hand a light pat of sympathy. “That’s okay, 'cause…now you can figure out a new identity! Here on earth!”

The Homeworld gem made a sour expression, looking like she’d rather walk off a pit rather then be there. “Joy…” But she turned when the ship’s engines began to blare, and followed the boy over to the vessel. Her face screwed up when she saw Pearl in the front seat and she shoved her out of the pilot’s chair like a child on the school ground.

“Move over, Clod! This is my vessel and I’ll be piloting it!”

The engines roared to life as Peridot’s fingers dismembered and probed at the large touch screen. “Let’s see if I remember how to use one of these archaic machines!”

“Great, can we go to The Big Donut as a pit stop? Steven’s hungry.”
Shattered Realities - 6
I forgot I never posted it on DA. This totally hasn't been done for a week. Nope

Anyway Welcome to the family, Homeworld gems! I wonder how this is going to turn out now! Also, my love for Peridot skyrocketed after “Friend Ship.” Who else headcanons that Peridot is a somewhat younger gem that’s constantly blowing shit up and ruining things trying to help and Jasper has to be her escort to keep an eye on her? XD Because I totally headcanon that…
LittleDot by Cryssy-miu
Of course I jumped ALL over the very likely theory that Peridot is indeed a gem child.

Also inspired by some awesome rps with my friend :iconpetalthorn: with Pearl and Garnet mommying the baby gems.

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XD, you already know my opinion on this hun, I saw it before anyone else. It's quite amazing how you fit them all in there. I love Tai ...

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