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About Digital Art / Student Core Member Jordan22/Female/Canada Groups :iconthe-suck-monkey-army: The-Suck-Monkey-Army
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Lineless Illustration
Illustrations without lineart, dependent on shading and highlights for definition. Done with mostly airbrushes.
Soft Children's Illustration
In one of my favorite styles, children's illustration style. It has no distinct coloring because everything is softly airbrushed in.
Full Digital Complex, multiple characters
Digital complex background, full digital coloring and lineart.
Digital lineart and colors, simple background
Digital coloring, simplistic background of designs and colors.
Traditional lineart, digital color with complex background
Soft shaded, complex background with traditional lines.  
Soft shaded with simple background
Soft shaded, simple background  Extra characters always add to price.
Soft shaded on photoshop with traditional lines
Soft shaded:  Soft shaded on photoshop with traditional lines. Extra characters always adds to price.
Detailed Inked Sketch
Detailed ink sketch:   (Inked and detail shaded/highlight on photoshop) Extra points/money for extra characters.
Shaded Sketch
Shaded sketch: (extra five for extra character). A sketch shaded in on photoshop.
Sketch - No Shade
Plain sketch scanned in, no shading. Extra points/dollars for extra characters.

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Mature content
Conceal :iconcryssy-miu:Cryssy-miu 10 9
War Of The Sisters
Yellow Diamond is intent on trying to get a mineral working for her Kindergarten. Her sisters however are intent on something much different and it doesn’t look like she’ll be getting any work done today. When will Pink and Blue realize that Diamonds don’t degrade themselves to something as low as roughhousing? (non slash, ultimate adorable family bonding)
“I don’t understand this,” Yellow Diamond hissed as she furiously typed an encryption into her computer. “I can’t get the compounds for this Kindergarten right!” It was always hard building on a new planet, so many things to consider and test to make sure the ground was right for harvesting-and this one clearly wasn’t.
“Well my Diamond, I’m sure you’ll get it,” her Pearl perked as she sat there on her monarch’s shoulder. “After all, no one is quite as intelligent as my wonderful-”
“Pearl, can it.”
Yellow huffed
:iconcryssy-miu:Cryssy-miu 11 0
Constellations :iconcryssy-miu:Cryssy-miu 31 2 Rose Quartz Doll :iconcryssy-miu:Cryssy-miu 20 2 Zim and GIR doodles :iconcryssy-miu:Cryssy-miu 35 7 Gem Dolls For Sale :iconcryssy-miu:Cryssy-miu 31 2 'I'm sorry for the pain we went through' :iconcryssy-miu:Cryssy-miu 70 8
Distraught over the recent things he’s learned of his mother, Steven falls asleep and meets someone that needs just as much help as he does.
It wasn’t as exciting in his dreams as it used to be. For Steven Universe, sleep more often then not seemed to mean nightmares lately They used to be nonsensical illusions conjured up by any typical child’s mind: Eating too many bagels and dreaming you were being chased by a bagel monster or drowning in a sea of slime. Now nightmares were filled with death, screaming, crying, and the corruption and torment of innocents.
The child wasn’t particularly surprised to see a large insignia underneath his feet when he opened his eyes. He was standing right on the Pink Diamond as the surrounding yellow, blue and white began to glow. He struggled to lift his feet but with the cruelty that came with most nightmares came your motor skills unable to work when you needed them to.
“Wake up.” Steven squinted his eyes shut ti
:iconcryssy-miu:Cryssy-miu 50 6
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Happy birthday !
Wed Aug 17, 2016, 5:41 AM
A lot of children likes cookies.
Thu Jun 23, 2016, 1:48 PM
As does Emma. Typical children
Tue Jun 21, 2016, 3:01 PM
Talia loves cookies.
Tue Jun 21, 2016, 3:01 PM
Does any of your fan characters like cookies? My Kirby fan character Buster loves cookies.
Sat Jun 18, 2016, 9:02 AM


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Artist | Student | Digital Art
Hello dear friends! My name is Jordan. I'm an aspiring animator/character designer currently freelancing as I try to find my way in the world. I have a deep love for animals and people, and sitting on the swing drawing.

My bunny Frisk (as you can see above) is my life and heart and lil baby.

I truly love people, so don't be shy. I love socializing so feel free to start a conversation on my page. Please leave notes to more private matters/commission matters. They get cluttered easily!

I love to look at other' art so don't be shy to ask me. I critique fairly and love to take fellow artists under my wing.

Bottom line is I'm a girl that just wants to see the world happy!

No Hope

Journal Entry: Mon Apr 17, 2017, 12:17 AM

It's 4 am. I've taken my sleeping pill but I can't sleep because the pain is too great, and I can't take my morphine because that and my sleeping pill could kill me.

You know...I thought I might finally be okay. I don't mean physically, I mean finally at the point of acceptance that things would always be this way. But then it happens and I'm back to where I started: bedridden, wishing for a death that will never come because I'm too much of a pussy to end my own life.

"It'll get better", people said, and they were right. Once I had my injection I was almost painless for a month. A few bad days but that was about it. I had hope, hope I could maybe, finally get my life back. ...But the injection wears off after about a month and I can't have the next one until another two months have passed.

I'm just right back to square one. Sure, sure, I'm pretty good for about a month, but what about the other two until I can have my treatment again? I can't work like that. I can't work for one month and not be able to again for about two months. That's not how this works. That's not how the WORLD works.

And then I hear remarks "well I'm sore too, but I can still do stuff." And if only they knew. If only they realized that my every movement it feels like someone is stabbing up me, or that my legs are being crushed, daggers pressed into my back, pain shooting down my legs until I finally just keel over and have to go back to bed. Back to solitude and pain killers and wishing it would all end.

There's nothing I can do. There's nothing they can do. My disease is too complicated to treat, with bad tissue that have penetrated too deep into ligaments, other tissue and organs. The doctors can't find it, so they can't remove it. And a hysterectomy, the last resort does not guarantee the removal of endometriosis, and can leave you with far worse damages there's no going back from.

I was so excited to move, cause I'd be right there in society. Five minutes away from stores for when I finally got a job, but how, /how/ am I supposed to be able to get to them if the majority of the time...I can't walk?

This disease saps every emotional and physical strength from my body, making it hard to do anything, draw, create the portfolio I need to get into the industry, and even if I did. How long would I be able to stay? A month, until the treatment wore off?

I feel like I'm at a standstill, one I'll never leave. Every time I see a beacon of hope something snuffs it. I can't even help my grandparents pack to move. I can't do anything but sit here, sleep here and pray I get a window of relief to finally be able to do something.

What kind of granddaughter am I, not being able to help them when they need it? What use to society am I supposed to be, like this?

I'm worthless.

  • Listening to: rain
  • Watching: Invader Zim
  • Playing: BOTW
  • Drinking: Water

Owed Arts!

Commission for :iconnoctuskerobian: - Pink Bar Letters Sketching by YuikoHeartless
Art trade for :iconsilentrisingsun: - Pink Bar Letters Not Start by YuikoHeartless

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YAY Polls Again! So. Whacha watch me for? 

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