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Fear struck Steven in the heart like an icy knife. He shook his head and attempted to back away. “Yellow Diamond…”

The darkness began to recede and Steven realized he was in a large room. It was empty other then the wiring threading though and several large screens. There was a control panel that looked similar to Peridot’s, but it spanned through the entire room and stretched around. There were millions of buttons. Steven couldn’t even understand how anyone could remember so many different buttons. There were doors, but they were all closed and coded.

“Welcome, Quartz.” The woman stood, tall and towering. She was taller then Jasper, taller then Opal. She looked large enough to be a fusion herself. Her golden eyes were as cold as ice, the fanged grin on her face pointed and satiated. “It’s nice to finally meet you face to face!”

“F-face to face?” Steven stammered. He stepped back again, struggling to put some distance between them, but he was blocked by the edge of the metal panel.

“You’re on Homeworld, child.” Her smile grew and the pit of terror in Steven’s stomach hardened. His heart pounded. Homeworld, he was on Homeworld. He possibly stood where countless gems had fallen and died and been executed. And he could almost picture the glimmering shards in his mind. The shards scattered across the floor in his vision. And Steven didn’t know if he was picturing them in the dream or if he was peering into the past.

Yellow Diamond watched the peculiar creature as he spun from one direction to the next, looking at the floor and whimpering like it was covered in poisonous snakes. Her eyes glinted but outwardly she maintained a soothing smile. “Calm down now boy. I’m not going to hurt you.”

“I don’t believe you!” Steven cried. “You hurt everyone! That’s all you do is cause pain! You threatened me and my family! You said you were going to rip my gem out of my stomach!”

“Ah yes.” Yellow Diamond waved a clawed hand in the air as if that was nothing at all. “It seems we’ve gotten off on the wrong foot, I apologize for that. My brash temper gets the best of me at times. Same with your dear Jasper!”

The child gave a low growl and his pudgy fists balled up in fury. “You don’t have any right to talk about Jasper! Ever! And I’m not going to listen to anything you have to tell me!” He already began storming away, searching for an exit somewhere in the labyrinth of technology.

“That’s fine, because I’m not going to say anything. I’m going to show you something.” The boy didn’t turn to her and a smile snaked across the woman’s lips. “Don’t you want to know more about your mother?” The boy paused dead in his tracks and froze in mid-stride. The fierce look on his face slowly faded to one of uncertainty and secret desire.

“A…anything I wanna know about my Mom the gems can tell me. I don’t need to hear anything from you!”

Yellow Diamond chuckled. “Your family can’t tell you everything. Despite their eternal obsession for her none of them were there at the very beginning. I was. I knew your mother more then your family ever did. Far before your Pearl, your…Garnet, your Jasper, your Peridot…and certainly long before your Amethyst. I know things that none of the Crystal Gems do.” The boy kept staring at her and Yellow Diamond shrugged. “But..if you really don’t care…”

Steven watched as the large gem hovered her hands in the air. She waved her fingers around, and different paths of light followed each digit as she entered some sort of combination and unlocked the master door. Pretending to walk off Yellow Diamond moved to shut the large door, and Steven ran forward.

“Wait!” he exclaimed, holding up a hand. The slender gem looked down at him. “Wh…what all do you know about my mom?” he finally mumbled in resignation.

Golden eyes flared with glee as the royal gem slithered her tongue around the inside of her lips like a satisfied cat. She gave the child a sweet smile and bent over slightly to him, draping an arm over his shoulder and guiding him along. “Follow me.”

Steven’s arms stayed to his sides, stiff like a statue and paralysed in fear. He couldn’t even pull away from her, too traumatized to even move. Her touch was as cold and terrifying as he ever imagined it would be.

They entered a long tunnel. It was dark, desolate, and seemed never ending. Steven half wondered if Yellow Diamond took him here to murder him without witnesses, and then he wondered if he was even able to die in these things.

Yellow Diamond raised a hand and suddenly, the tunnel filled with light. Several circular platforms lit up, each a different color. The gem swiped her hand through the air, across another invisible screen, and Steven heard a low hum, like the start of an engine.

“Step forth,” Yellow Diamond ordered and stepped onto one of the green platforms. Steven reluctantly obeyed, but he didn’t expect what happened next. The glowing disc shot into the air as if it weighed nothing, and Steven yelped and hugged the woman’s leg, tightly. Yellow Diamond gave a light and airy chuckle.

“I suppose you’re unaccustomed to this use of transportation. Look around you, child. Welcome…to Homeworld.” The dark tunnel suddenly broke open as they hovered into the air. The stars had never seemed so close before, or so beautiful. Each one glittered the sky, more beautiful then the last. Steven was in complete awe at the spectacle. He watched as stars and ships flew through the air.

“This is your mother’s home planet. This is where you are originally from, Quartz Child. Magnificent, isn’t it?”

He stood against Yellow Diamond’s leg for leverage, and slowly, he turned around on the disk, taking in the sights around him. It was overwhelming, amazing. Shuttles passed them and all around Steven could see floating platforms. They took over the sky like a bunch of remote controlled frisbees. “Whoa, gems!” He pointed around, grinning. Other gems, hundreds of them even were travelling through the planet.

Steven got down on his hands and knees, kneeling eagerly over the sides of the transparent discs and looking around. There were space ships, odd shaped domes. There wasn’t one building on this planet that resembled a house you’d see on earth. There were buildings, structures, cages. Steven had his eyes glued to a certain facility, with a large assortment of different sized tubes and holes. It reminded him of Kindergarden.

“Is that where gems are harvested?” the boy asked, eyes widening. There were mines, and large intimidating contraptions that resembled some sort of digging machine. It was like a diamond mine on earth, and there were so many different caves, jagged and gaping.

Yellow Diamond smiled. “You’re quite right, child! That is where gems are made and harvested. Your very…family, was founded in one of them.”

Steven’s eyes roved the sky as they flew, and slowly, his excitement waned out when he saw another building. A factory. It pumped smoke into the air, but there was more then the smell of fire. The scent was…almost metallic. It put an awful taste in his mouth and terror into his stomach. He looked closer. They were high up enough that Steven couldn’t make out any faces, or their expressions, but he noticed one line of marching gems. They were being…escorted, towards the factory. There was one way in…but Steven didn’t see anyone coming out of the building. There was no exit.

“…What is that?” His throat tightened and the nausea worsened when he kept watching. One of the gems broke away from the line formation and suddenly in a swift movement from the guards they were reverted back to their stone forms…and carelessly chucked into one of the pipes leading to the smoke. He trembled. “Is that…”

Yellow Diamond suddenly grabbed him by the wrist and pushed him out in front of her as the lift came to a stop in the air. “We’re here.”

“Th…there’s nothing here.” Yellow Diamond suddenly summoned an unseen keypad from the lift and punched in a code combination. She slid her fingers over the screen. It beeped, and suddenly, like the flicker of a tv signal an entrance cracked open in the sky.

The lift passed into darkness and the rest of the planet disappeared into a void. Steven could only catch a glimpse of the smoke before it disappeared from view and Yellow Diamond had grabbed his shoulder to get his attention again.

“Welcome, Quartz Child to The Chambers Of Time…” Yellow Diamond stepped back and let the curious boy come forward. The walls reminded him of the rooms back in the temple. This cave was the only thing somewhat primitive in this technology-run world.

“You are currently standing in what used to be the harvesting grounds for the Rose Quartz gems. Hundreds of Rose Quartz have been harvested here, your mother included. Your mother was why this place was created, in her name. Well…in Pink Diamond’s name.”

Steven spun around and stared at the large gem. He couldn’t believe what he just heard. “My mother…was a…a Diamond?” How could it be? How could the loving mother, the embodiment of goodness and purity, ever hold the same name as this wicked soul?

“She was,” Yellow Diamond said with a nod. “Well somewhat. She was high up enough that she was nicknamed a Diamond, but she wasn’t quite up into the authority yet. There was her, myself, Blue, and the Superior of us all, White Diamond. Sisters of time, of the entire Empire Of Homeworld. Rose was not a harvested diamond but from the moment of her harvest White Diamond knew she was special.”

Yellow Diamond moved across the cave floor and towards a panel in the room. Steven recognized it. It was very similar to what was in his mother’s armory. “She had an ability that no other gem did. …She could heal. You see, child, gems are formed with different abilities depending on the class they’re in. Healers are very rare to come by…you might say, as rare as a diamond…” She snickered at her own joke. “Your mother was a valuable asset just from that alone.”

Steven pressed his hand on the panel and his gem started to glow and projected several different images on the wall. All of his mother. His mother’s harvest, his mother in a small throne, in armor with a diamond cut around her stomach. His mother on the battle field… He teared up.

“Healers back then were almost unheard of, and although we’ve always had a good care facility we never had the ability to perform the miracles your mother could. Rose was treasured by White Diamond for her abilities. Rose Quartz was promoted up into the Diamond Authority. Technically. She was White Diamond’s adviser and healer, until White Diamond was shattered.”

Steven’s eyes widened. “Shattered? When? Why? In the war?”

Yellow shook her head sadly…but there was something fake in her eyes. “No, it was terrible though. Truly terrible. White Diamond was a substantial ruler, but apparently not enough to keep Rose loyal.” She sneered.

“I don’t understand it.” Steven shook his head. “If Mom and White were buddy-buddy then why did she come to earth?”

“Your mother was put in charge of the next invasion. She was supposed to lead it. It was her first invasion actually. Up until then she had stayed on Homeworld as the healer. She fell in love with your inferior planet and that was it. She wouldn’t touch it. She refused to allow White to take her forces there. A gem had never turned on their planet before, but Rose started a new revolution. One by one other gems followed her until she had gathered an army of thousands. All of them were known as…” She paused and looked down at the boy. “The Crystal Gems…”

Steven’s mind flashed. The shards, the cluster, the projections of memories he had seen of the war… “And…and they all died. All of them but…my family.”

Yellow Diamond curbed the sickening smile threatening to spread across her face. “Yes, they did. Many of Homeworld’s did as well. And it was even more difficult for Homeworld since we no longer had our healer. Many more of us died then the ones on your planet. White had no idea how to heal them.”

The large gem walked around him in a slow circle and Steven lifted his shirt, gazing morosely at the quartz on his belly. He felt a deep sense of guilt for Homeworld. If he had been there…if she had been there, they could have saved so many.

“Luckily…when I came into power, I devised a simple solution to our broken gem problem. And as a matter of fact, we passed it on our way here.” Steven didn’t even need to think twice on that one. He knew she was talking about the smoke, and the pipes. He knew it smelled metallic.

“No…” he whimpered.

“We can harvest gems by the hundreds. Why bother to waste time and energy and finances on trying to heal the weak when we can recycle them and build stronger?”

“Bu—but they’re gems!” Steven cried. “They’re people! You can’t just kill people and act like it’s nothing! They’re gems! They’re not just supposed to be your toys and you—you replace them when they’re broken!”

“Oh but it’s easier that way. It saves precious time, and with all of the fusion experiments it creates stronger weapons. But that’s where you come in…” She turned, and suddenly, she was right there in front of him, eyeing him with hunger. “I need

Lapis had gone back to her room, and Jasper, Connie, and Peridot stayed awake. Steven as far as they knew was sleeping peacefully in his bed. And it was all calm, and tranquil. They couldn’t possibly imagine what he was going through in his mind right now.

“I think so far this Asteroid game is my favorite,” Jasper said as she mashed at buttons and grinned as she exploded Peridot’s ship, and the smaller gem hissed angrily and tried to keep from screeching.

“I love them all,” Connie grinned. “I love playing them with Steven, because I don’t get much of a chance to play them on my own. My parents frown upon video games.”

“How could they disapprove of something so…entertaining?” Peridot asked in disbelief as her pixelated ship came back to life and she sent a torrent of missiles into Jasper, cackling as she got sweet revenge. “Granted it’s nothing compared to the tech of Homeworld—and even if it was we certainly don’t use it for fun—but it still is…fun!”

“Yeah.” Connie shrugged. “But it’s not academics so according to them it’s not something I should be focused on too much.”

“Academics…” Jasper wrinkled her face. “See I don’t get that crap. In Homeworld we didn’t have that. Of course we didn’t have fun either. We had…nothing, really. We did what our Superiors told us to and…that was it. Gems were usually born with the knowledge that we needed. It was manufactured into us. There were different classes of course, and they all specialized in something. But…” She shook her head. “No playgrounds, no…what do you call it—canon ball wars—no…well, freedom.”

Connie looked at the two gems. The light from the tv illuminated the sadness on both gems’ faces. “How did you live like that? Why would you…want to live like that?”

Jasper shrugged. “We didn’t have a choice, kid. Every day was just about trying to stay on your commander’s good side so you don’t get shattered, or tortured. Had to shut yourself down if you wanted to survive.” She looked over at Peridot and her lips tilted up into a smile. “But…Peri and I broke the rules and found some ways to have fun.”

The green gem let out a loud giggle. “Ou, remember when we used to dismantle Commander Topaz’s cruiser and fill the engines with gem serpents and watch them overflow into the ship when she turned it on?” Both gems started laughing.

“Heh…” Connie giggled nervously and scratched the back of her neck. “Steven and I pull pranks too sometimes, but…never with snakes. If we did they’d probably be harmless ones. And I can’t think of anyone mean enough to do that to. I guess we mostly find different ways to have fun together.”

Jasper gave a grunt and pulled out the game disc. “I’m bored with this one,” she muttered, picking up Animal Railroads and pushing it into the box. “So what’s the deal with you and the brat anyway? When are you actually going to suck it up and do…I don’t know, whatever it is you humans do when you like each other…”

Connie’s face went beet red and she held her mouth, stunned. “Wh—what do you mean?”

“You know…” Jasper gestured in the air. “I guess there’s not much you can do since you’re both little larvas. I don’t know much about, what’s it called…dating, anyway. You don’t see that much on Homeworld and what I did see of Ruby and Sapphire was enough to turn me off it.” She shuddered. “Ech.”

“Dating?!” Connie yelped. “We don't—I don’t-!”

“Oh come on,” Jasper snorted. “The kid goes red every time he looks at you!” Her eyes met Peridot’s briefly and she paused, ignoring the heat that bloomed across her cheeks. “You should see the way his eyes sparkle when he talks about you! It’s disgusting!”

“We-!” The child’s voice climbed up to a high pitched squeak. “We’re just friends! M-maybe best friends… That’s all! I don't—Steven couldn’t possibly think of me like that…” She hugged herself, face redder.

“But how do you feel?” Peridot asked. Before Connie could respond the green gem’s fingers suddenly lit up, and a beam of lime green light passed over the child. Information appeared on her screen and she nodded. “Your heart rate goes up when you talk about him. Did you know that?”

“C-can we please just play Animal Railroads?” Connie fumbled, her hands sweaty on the controller and struggling to even hold it. Jasper surprised her by giving her a friendly nudge.

“Aw come on, nothing to be embarrassed about!” She snickered as the girl hid behind her hair, shrunken into a ball of humiliation. “Lips are sealed. I just think you should tell him sometime. Just…” She made a face. “Don’t turn into a couple of gross lovesick puppies like Square Woman.”

At that Connie relaxed and laughed. “Deal.” She pressed start on the bright neon menu. “Alright first you’ve got to create a character…”


Yellow Diamond came forward to him and the terrified child backed up desperately as she bent down to his level. “I need you…”

“Wh-what?” Steven whimpered. Sweat poured every passing second the crazed woman looked at him, like a hungry cat stalking a mouse. “What do you need from me? M-my healing powers?”

Yellow Diamond snorted. “Oh please, what would I want of those? No…I need your mind. Your brilliant mind.”


“You’re a product of your mother, you have her gem. And I know deep down you have her mind. Her strength. Her powers. With your help we could accomplish anything. You’d be helping a good cause…you’d be helping your true home prosper.” She was so close now that they were face to face. Steven could feel her breath on his face and felt the edges of her hair tickle his cheeks.

“You’d be getting something in return of course.” She chuckled. “A lot in return. I’m willing to spare your little family, Jasper and Peridot included…and possibly a few others you deem important to you. You may all return to Homeworld and it will be like the rebellion never happened in the first place. You’ll be welcomed home with open arms. You can have anything you wish and live happily ever after. You just need to give me…your planet.”

“I-I…” Steven whispered. He felt his body tremble.

“Oh it’s after your family is evacuated, don’t worry! And if you like I can even try and find a way to lengthen your human family’s lifespan to a more significant time. The rest of the world will be ours. Imagine the things we could accomplish, the experiments! The discoveries! It’s limitless. And all you have to do…is say yes.”

Slender, cold fingers reached out and tilted Steven’s head up, eyes wide and excited, mouth turned up gleefully. “What do you say, Quartz?”

Steven stared at her. Wide, black eyes completely frozen to those malicious golden orbs. He had never seen so much evil. He had never felt such an overwhelming hatred. And then, suddenly, he struck her hand, hard. Hard enough that it slammed back into her own face. She recoiled in shock, her yellow cheek now having a single, angry mark across it.

“No! NEVER! I’ll never side with you! I would rather DIE then have anything to DO with you! You’re evil, you’re a monster! And I will NEVER stop fighting you! And I will never—EVER

Suddenly his gem flashed a blinding light, as brief as a flash of lightning, but it pulsed with a sudden wave of rage that sent Yellow Diamond stumbling back onto the ground as the child towered over her.

“I’ll never do anything you say! I’m GLAD Mom turned on you! And I’m glad that Jasper, Peridot and Lapis did too! And I’m never going to stop trying to tear you down and get those gems AWAY from you! ‘Cause you’re not a gem, Yellow Diamond! Y-you’re lower then the dirt we find on earth!”

Yellow Diamond’s eyes narrowed into the most malicious, and vengeful daggers he had ever seen. Her lips pulled back as she snarled and suddenly yanked the boy up by his shirt collar. Steven cried out in agony as her claws ripped through his shirt, and into his skin.

“If that’s the way you want it, you little parasite…” She sneered. “Then I won’t stop until I’ve drained all of the blood in your little fleshy form, and emptied your planet of human life. You’re going to regret ever crossing me. You’re going to be begging for that deal when you watch me slowly crush the hearts of everyone you ever


“Is there any killing in this?”

“No. But you get to water flowers and build homes.” Jasper gagged but Connie scrolled through the options of the animals. “I’m an elephant!”

“I’m a…” Jasper blinked as she stumbled upon a furry, gray menacing looking creature with a bushy tail and pointed ears. “…Wolf? Oh, I’ve got fangs!…Cool!” She scrolled through the accessories options and snickered at a pair of large glasses. “Hey Dork, I found something perfect for you.”

“Oh shut up, Jasper.” The light playful squabbling and beeping buttons was interrupted by a shrill cry behind them, making all three turn sharply. “No, you can’t do that! Please!”

“What the hell?” Jasper stood up instantly, eyes wide as Steven started to sob and thrash in his bed. “What’s wrong with him? What’s going on?!” She remembered what Steven said, about the night-fright humans got. “Is he having one of those frightening sleep visions?”

Connie climbed onto the bed, frazzled herself. “I—I don’t know! Steven, it’s us! Wake up!” She gently shook him but the child didn’t rouse. So Jasper tried next, scooping up the kid into her arms and jiggling him roughly.

“Snap out of it, idiot! You’re fine! You’re okay!” When that didn’t work she tried to be more soothing. “Uhhh…we’re here. No one is gonna hurt you.” The rough jostling became more of a rocking motion and that seemed to calm the boy. His hysterics dwindled so Jasper kept holding him. Peridot and Connie held their breath. “…I think it worked.”

She was just about to lay Steven back down when suddenly, underneath the pink fabric of his pajamas, his gem glowed. That was especially strange since the kid wasn’t even conscious enough to do anything, let alone activate his gem. “What the…”

The glow became blinding before it produced a ray of light and projected an image into the air. She nearly dropped the boy and stepped back from the projection, stunned and horrified by what she saw. “No…”

There was Yellow Diamond and she was tightly gripping Steven by his shirt collar as the helpless child struggled and whimpered. As if the large gem could sense their presence, she turned and stared at them. Yellow, icy eyes glared into Jasper’s soul.

“I don’t know if you’re there, Crystal Gems—or you, especially Jasper. But your time is running out. You’ll pay, General,” she spat with hate. “For turning on your colony. And this precious little larva you all gave yourself up for will be the first thing I tear limb from limb in front of your very eyes. After all…I always did wonder how much blood a human child has gained since the last survey. Until we meet again, gems. Trust me…I look forward to it.”

The screen vanished and all the group was left with was a panicked child that had awoken and started bawling into Jasper’s chest, and the silence and terror that stretched around them.
Shattered Realities - 11
(A/N: Shit going down again. Man I love YD. Crazy wonderful bitch she is. I’ve gotten a lot of private messages about this fic and I’m overwhelmed at the love it’s received. You’re all so wonderful. I have a clear cut path of where this is going to go and how it’s going to end but I’m welcoming any suggestions any f my readers have. Who knows, it might end up in it~ Also, I’m on vacation so updates will be spotty.)
“Peridot!” Steven yelped as he realized the little silver things scattered around the floor were nuts, bolts, and screws and shards of metal that all belonged to his tv. “What are you doing?!”

The green gem looked over at the horror on his face, unphased. “I’m trying to decipher your technology. It’s quite different from Homeworld’s. So…primitive.”

“So you know how to put it back together?!”

“Unlikely. I’m more adept to our advanced technology, not this Neanderthal machine.”

Steven clawed at his face in despair with a wail. “Peridoooot! That was my tv you just destroyed! You can’t take apart everything in the house! We won’t have a house left if you do that!”

“JASPER!” came an ear splitting shriek from the living room below, and it wasn’t hard to tell that the hysterical pitch was Pearl’s. If the larger gem was anywhere near as destructive as Peridot seemed to be (and Steven knew that she was), then he was almost afraid to go downstairs.

Jasper was there, sprawled over the couch and using a fork to pick something white out of her teeth. At a closer look Steven realized it was cotton and that there was a very large portion of the couch missing. Jasper was just laying there looking bored as Pearl squawked at her.

“You ate the couch!”

“What’s the big deal? I thought we were able to eat things in this dump if we wanted to.”


Amethyst wandered over to where the gaping hole was in the arm, and picked up the spare cotton, popping it into her mouth. “Sweet. It’s like more intense cotton candy.”

Pearl tore at her hair and started babbling as she paced back and forth, mumbling incoherently as she tore at Garnet’s shirt. “Garnet, I can’t do this!” She gave a manic giggle. “I can’t keep up with the messes they make! This brute is another Amethyst! I can’t take two of them! I CAN HARDLY TAKE ONE!” She wailed, large tears rolling as she shoved a finger towards Peridot. “I had to stop THAT one from trying to turn the microwave into a death ray this morning and she BIT me!”

All eyes roved to Peridot, who narrowed her eyes threateningly like a cat, silent.

“Wellll…” Steven looked from a crying Pearl to the lounging, chair-munching Jasper and back up to Peridot, who had moved onto taking apart his gamecube. “What if I get them out of the house for a little while? Connie and I are supposed to spend the day together, so what if I bring them?” He smiled. “I’m sure she’d like to meet them! And I can show them around town, and take them to the Big Donut and to meet all of my friends!”

Garnet nodded, holding a hysterical Pearl. “That might be a good idea. Make sure you keep an eye on them.” She pet Pearl’s hair as Amethyst crawled on all fours like a dog and sucked up the rest of the cotton on the floor.

Steven fluttered happily over to the temple doors and knocked on the one with a blue gem on the door. “Hey Lapis! Laaaaapis!” He kept knocking. “Do you wanna go to town? We can get some food and play video games, and you can see Connie again!”

There was a long pause, and then a resenting voice growled. “Are THEY going to be there?” Steven’s face fell. “Yeah, they are, but you can’t avoid them forever. Come on Lapis…please…? For me?” He heard a muffled groan and smirked triumphantly. The “do it for me” technique did them in all the time. And sure enough, the door glowed as an unenthusiastic gem appeared at the doorway.

“You know it’ll be a good idea to get out of the room now and then,” Steven said, trying to encourage her. “We can go to the arcade and eat tasty food. And maybe go shopping!” She didn’t look intrigued, a sceptical look on her face.

“I…I suppose I’ll go.” She smiled a little. “It might be fun.”

“Great!” Steven snatched a nutrition bar to go and pushed open the front door. “Hey, Connie!” he shouted over the deck as he saw his best friend run up the beach to him. She waved excitedly and her hand fell limp when she saw the large towering form of Jasper behind her friend.

“What’s going on?” The last time she was here there was already a new addition. Now it looked like the wayward gem family had grown two new unfriendly additions. The orange one looked like she wanted to tear her apart.

“Oh, heh, a lot has happened since we saw each other last,” Steven laughed awkwardly. “Connie, meet Peridot and Jasper! They’re the other gems that tried to kidnap me!” Connie’s mouth widened more in horror. “They’re staying with us now, and we’re gonna show them around town today!” He paused. “That’s okay…right?”

The dark skinned girl looked quite blind sided, eyes scrolling from one ex-enemy to the next. As always, she just had to look into Steven’s smiling face to give in. “Yeah, sure. Mom gave me a little extra allowance for cleaning the garage,” she perked happily.

“Oh yeah, that reminds me, I gotta stop off at my Dad’s!” Steven exclaimed. “He’s gonna give me some money too!” He pat his tummy. “Mmmm, tum-tum, get ready for some delicious unhealthy fried food!”

Jasper and Peridot gazed outwards to the rows of buildings and the humans walking about, living their dismal, insignificant lives. “There’s more stuff to ingest out there?” Peridot asked. Steven beamed, eyes sparkling.

“Oh man you guys! You don’t even know half of it! There’s gonna be so much food to try! Like donuts and pizza and frybits! You’re gonna be so full you’ll be rolling home on your stomachs!”

“Is that possible?” Peridot asked, tilting her head. “If we ingest enough of your human sustenance does it change our forms?”

“I think it’s just supposed to be a human expression, dork…”

They followed Steven as he skipped and chattered about with Connie, eyes taking in their surroundings. Neither gem could understand the appeal of this miserable planet and small town. What did the Crystal Gems find worthwhile on this rock? What drove Rose to be so passionate about this place that she turned on her own kind? If anything watching the humans as they lived just made things more hard to understand. Why bother spending years building a life if you only had a few to finally live it?

“Hey Dad!” They arrived at a small, box-like machine on wheels. Was it a small spaceship? “Your favorite son is here to say hello!”

Greg popped out from behind the van, covered in suds and smiling brightly at the sight of his boy. “Are you?” he teased as he scooped up his son and noogied him. “Or are you just here to suck away my money?”

“Dad!” Steven gasped. “I’d never do that! You’re my Dad, not an ATM machine!” He paused and looked up, cheeky and curious. “…Do you have the money?” That earned him double the noogies, and his father finally released him, laughing.

“Yeah, I’ve got it.” He passed his son a bill and Steven shoved it into his pockets. Then his eyes trailed up to the towering, certainly new residents hanging around his son. “Uhhh…” He knew immediately that they were gems, obviously.

“This is Jasper and Peridot!” Steven chirped. “ And you know Lapis. They’re staying with us now! They’re the other gems that were in the ship that night! You know, with the ones that were trying to kill us!”

Greg fell deathly pale and silent and gripped the side of the van. Jasper raised an eyebrow. “Kid, you might want to stop introducing us that way…” She looked at Greg. “Uh… About Homeworld and our involvement…” Greg held up a hand.

“No need, I get it. My son being almost killed by you guys and in turn you become a part of our weird family is something I’m strangely used to.” He shook his head. “This shouldn’t be so normal for me.”

“I was wondering if I could have a little extra money,” Steven said, rocking back and forth on his feet nervously. “It’s the first time I’m gonna show the gems around town! And I want them to experience everything and take them everywhere!”

Greg’s face fell. “Everywhere? Oh geez, kiddo…I don’t know…” He looked down at the starry eyes of his sweet, owl eyed boy. “Ah…I guess I can just extend my hours a bit and do some extra work.” He passed his son another few bills. “Can’t say no to that sweet face. Hey, we still on for tomorrow’s barbecue?”

“You bet!” Steven grinned more. “I’ll pick up some more stuff for it too!”

As they walked along the street, Steven came up with an idea. “You know, we need a special name for today,” he said. “‘Cause it’s like Jasper Lapis and Peridot’s first time out in the town!”

“I fail to see how that needs a special name,” Peridot said simply, so far uninterested with their trip. “I’d rather be back in your room playing your simulator games.”

“Well we can’t do that because you destroyed my tv,” Steven reminded her bitterly. “And I think we should think up a name for it so it’ll be something that we won’t ever forget!”

“How about 'Jasper, Lapis and Peridot’s Day Of Torture?’” Jasper suggested dully. “What about 'Town Fun Day?’” Connie suggested.

“I GOT IT! 'Jasper and Lapis and Peridot’s Day Of Fun!’ And it starts…here!” He gestured to a small store in front of them. In the window they could see racks of clothing; dresses, pants, shirts, skirts. The Homeworld gems had seen all these types of clothing back on their planet, but they were never on racks. Gems never needed to buy their clothing.

“What kind of sick humor is this?” Peridot shrieked as she looked at a clothed mannequin. “Why does this human have no head?!” Connie and Steven both laughed.

“It’s just a mannequin, Peridot!” Steven giggled. “It’s to display the clothes that people can wear so it makes them want to buy it! I bet a lot of this stuff would look really cool on you guys.” Jasper and Peridot just stood there confused, but Lapis curiously touched the fabric to a pretty, orange sun dress.

“My mom wants me to get a pair of jeans,” Connie said, combing through her money. “I guess I have to spend some of my arcade money on it…”

Jasper made a face at a frilly pink dress. “Look kid, this is completely unnecessary,” she growled. “We’re gems. We don’t need to buy extra clothes. All we have to do is regenerate with what we want to wear! If I wanted to wear one of these ugly frufru tops, I can do it myself!”

Steven pouted. “You’re ruining the spirit of today! You gotta put gem thinking aside to really enjoy everything! Look, Lapis is getting into it!” The blue gem held up the orange sun dress and pressed it against her body, testing its size. “There’s all sorts of stuff here! I bet there’s at least something to your liking…”

None of the fabrics here was anything that either Peridot or Jasper would bother wearing. There wasn’t much time for fashion on Homeworld anyway, and it would become so stained with dirt and blood there was no point to dressing up 'nice’ at all.

“Alright, I’ve found one,” Peridot said, snatching the first thing on one of the racks. Jasper snatched up a folded t-shirt, not even bothering to look it over. “Me too.”

“Great, there’s a change room over there!” Steven pointed to a few curtained stalls—one where Connie was already behind with a small arm load of clothes. “And there’s a sales lady if you need any help!” Jasper and Peridot trudged to the stalls and Jasper found herself looking over one of the shirts she grabbed.

“One hot…stud muffin?” It had a picture of a smiling muffin on it, with stupid blushing cheeks. “I don’t even know what that means.” She yanked the yellow shirt over her head, careful not to rip it. “This thing is so weird. . How you doing in there, Peridot?”

“I think I have this strange garment…upside down.”

The curtain pulled open and out twirled Lapis. The sun dress fell to her knees and was strapless, flowers and patterns around the breast area. The airy fabric lifted into the air like a kite. She grinned.

“Wow Lapis! That looks so pretty on you!” Steven exclaimed, admiring the gem and all of her feminine sunny glory. “You’ve gotta buy it!” She fluffed the dress, proudly.

“I think I might.”

Jasper was next to come out, expression deadpan and flat as she glared down at the tight and stretched t-shirt over her form. “Okay, I’m in new clothes. They’re ugly as hell. Can we go now?” Steven and Lapis tittered. The curtain beside Jasper shifted.

“I think I have this garment on right,” Peridot said quietly, evidently nervous about showing herself. She still found this entire thing to be ridiculous. “Dresses have never had any use with me. I trip over them!” She clutched the curtain close. “I will not come out!”

“Come on, Peridork,” Jasper snapped. “We all had to subject ourselves to humiliation! Now it’s your turn!” There was a growl from behind the curtain, and finally Peridot pulled back the drapes. Jasper didn’t expect her smug little smirk to fall so fast into one of total awe as she stared at her comrade.

The blue dress had small lacy straps and around the torso was tied with a sequin ribbon. The shy little flush on the dork’s face somehow made her entire appearance even more endearing.

“Jasper, you’re blushing.”

“What?!” Jasper tore at her face as if Steven suggested a poisonous bug was crawling on it, glaring at the boy. “I don’t blush!” she snapped. “It must be the lighting in this stupid place!” Her scowl grew when Steven’s grin widened. “Don’t look at me like that!”

“So how do I look?” Peridot attempted to twirl as Lapis had, but she just wound up awkwardly and slowly waddling back and forth as she turned around in a circle, pulling at the fabric. “It’s so…light. I feel as if I could float away.” She looked at Jasper for her opinion, and the large gem found that, for the first time, she could find nothing witty and mean to say.

“Uh…it looks good,” she said, averting her eyes towards one of the clothing racks. “Uh, I’m gonna try another shirt.” She pretended to sort through several t-shirts so no one would try to talk to her.

“Steven, can you hand me one of the bows I saw from up front?” Connie asked from behind her curtain. “I think a green one would look pretty with this blouse. Mom wants me to buy some nice clothes for my violin recital. You are coming to that, right?”

“Of course!” Steven piped happily, rummaging through the bow bin and pulling out a mint colored bow. He tossed it into the stall. “Are you gonna show me how you look?” Connie didn’t reply right away.

“…Promise you won’t laugh?”

Steven chuckled. “Connie, I’d never laugh at you! I’m sure you look awesome!” He waited, peeking toward the curtain. She finally poked her head out, and the first thing Steven saw was the turquoise bow and her timid eyes behind her glasses. “Come on, we’re all waiting!”

She stepped out of the stall, peering through the cracks of her fingers and slowly lowering her hands. The blouse was ruffled and white with a green cotton skirt that fell to her ankles. She played with her bow, straightening it in her brown curls. “How do I look?”

Steven stared, eyes wide and shocked. His face bloomed into a bright flush and he was tongue tied immediately. “Uh…” Jasper walked over with an arm load of clothes and took one look at Steven’s beet red face and grinned. “Oh now who’s the one with the red face?” she teased. Steven responded by throwing a t-shirt onto her head.


“Clothes shopping took longer then I thought it would,” Steven said, checking off their list of fun things to do.

“That’s because Nerd Girl over here got obsessed with your weird visors.” Jasper looked over to where Peridot was sorting through a bag of sunglasses and trying on large star shaped ones with a giggle. “What’s next on your 'Day Of Torture’?”

“'Day Of Fun’,” Steven corrected curtly. “And next we have…ou, pizza!” He and Connie both grinned but the gems just looked confused.

“What’s pizza?” Lapis wondered.

“Triangle shaped bites of deliciousness,” Steven sighed happily. “Trust me guys, this is food that’s gonna just melt your tongue off it’s so good.” Peridot’s eyes widened immediately.

“I do not want to ingest anything that’s going to melt off a part of my mouth! What is in this pizza? Corrosive acid?!”

“It’s an expression, Peridot!” Steven laughed. “Like Jasper’s shirt.” He pointed to the happy muffin on the woman’s top. “She’s a stud muffin.” He looked at the large gem’s questioning glare. “That means you’re good looking.”

“Weird terms, this planet has… Can’t you just say I’m good looking?” Jasper looked over to her smaller companion and gave the startled green gem a teasing squeeze. “Eh? Would you say that, Genius?” Peridot pursed her lips and looked away.

“We’re here! Pizza-mia!” Steven giggled, trying to adapt an Italian accent. “That’s not its name…and I can’t do an Italian accent.” Connie laughed. “I bet you’ll really like it, Peridot! It’s square shaped like your head.” Jasper started laughing and Peridot scowled. “We’ll get it to go 'cause there’s still a lot of stuff I’ve got planned for today! Our Day Of Fun isn’t nearly over yet!” He heard three quiet groans behind him but he ignored them. “Kofi!”

A small human with a strange hairdo greeted them behind the counter. “Ah, Steven! It’s great to see you! You brought some friends I see! Table for five?”

“Nope, not a table!” Steven said, shaking his head. “We’re getting it to go 'cause we still got a lot of fun stuff planned!”

“Ah, the cannonball tournament?” Kofi asked as he took down their order. “It’s starting in a few minutes. Kiki is going to it with her friends. I assume you and your friends will be participating too?”

“Cannonball?” Connie gasped. She grinned at Steven, their minds clearly reeling. “Into the water? That sounds awesome!”

“Canonballs?” The gems exchanged looks. “Like actual canons?” Jasper asked. She grinned. “We gonna shoot someone?!”

“Cannonballs!” Steven cheered. “Even better then everything I had planned!” He turned to his friends. “Cannonballs are a type of dive we do into the water here! And it’s really fun and you get to make a huge splash!”

“Water?!” Jasper balked as if Steven had suggested they jump into a pile of acid. “No! No way! Not after the crap Little Lazuli put me through! I’m never going back in there again!”

“But you’re not gonna be imprisoned this time!” Steven protested. “No one is gonna try and keep you down there! Everyone is gonna be too busy having fun! Besides, this planet is like half water so you gotta get used to it at some point.”

Jasper growled and crossed her arms. Lapis smirked. “Are you scared, Jasper?” she taunted. The orange gem turned her snarl onto her. “Do you fear I’ll imprison you again?”

“The brat would never let you,” she hissed. “I’m not afraid of anything, you water witch. You know what? Fine, bring on this stupid challenge!” Kofi placed their pizza on the counter and she angrily ripped into it, munching noisily on the cheese. “I’ll beat all of you puny humans out of the park!”

Kofi stared fearfully at the aggressive gem and looked down at Steven. “Jenny will be coming out shortly. She’ll be happy to see you both!”

“What’s that I hear?” came a voice from behind the swinging kitchen doors. “Is our man Steven gonna be in the competition?” Dressed in a bikini, she walked past the counter. Kofi hissed.

“JENNY!” he shrieked. “You can’t be parading yourself around the restaurant like that! I told you to wait until after your shift to change!” The teenager waved her father off, as usual.

“So you think you’ve got what it takes to beat my cannonballs, little brother?” she teased the kid, flicking his nose. “Well I’ve been practicing my technique for weeks now!”

Steven puffed out his cheeks. “Well you’re out of luck because all of us have never practiced, so I bet you feel threatened now!” Jasper face palmed and Connie giggled.

“That’s a lot of big talk.” Jenny smirked. “Let’s see how great you are at the actual competition. Bet you and your friends can’t race me!” She took off out of the pizza restaurant as Connie and Steven followed close, laughing. Not sure what else to do, the three Homeworld gems followed.

There was already a large gathering around a small part of the ocean with buoys set up for restrictions. Spectators stood by and so did the contestants, all in their bathing suits and excited as could be.

“Steven!” Sadie waved him over from where she had an outdoor set up of donuts from the store and was handing them out to people. “Hey! Are you and Connie competing?”

“Donuts!” Steven squealed as he scurried eagerly over. Sadie gave them both two sprinkled ones and then smiled timidly at the three new additions. “Can I interest you three in some donut fries? We’re trying a new glaze, cinnamon apple.” She offered them all a small box.

“This is so awesome!” Steven chattered excitedly as he pulled out his list and crossed out donuts as one of the things to do. “Look, there’s even fry bits! It’s all mashed together because of the contest, so we’re gonna get to do everything on my list after all!”

“Well I hope one of the things on your list isn’t winning the contest,” Lars sneered. “Because I’ve got this competition wrapped around my finger.” Sadie rolled her eyes.

“You practiced in your little outdoor pool and you look like a flailing sausage when you jump. Besides, what do you expect to do with the prize if you win? You already work—somewhat, at the donut shop.”

Steven’s eyes sparkled. “The prize has something to do with donuts?!”

“A year’s supply actually.”

The child made squeaking little sounds in his throat and his eyes watered with joy as he turned to an amused Connie, barely whispering, “Free donuts…”

“Those are these weird little round things?” Jasper asked as she slipped one onto her finger and took a bite out of it. There was definitely a contrast to the cheesey richness of the pizza. Peridot sandwiched a donut between two slices and ate it whole, curious.

“Not bad, sweet. I wouldn’t mind a year’s supply of this,” she said, Jasper and Lapis agreeing. “Useless for us, yet delicious.”

“You’re gonna have to beat us to get it!” Jenny grinned, already in the water with Buck and Sour Cream. “We’re the Dream Team, Olympic Steam! And we’ve been training for this our whole lives!”

Buck adjusted his shades. “Actually Jenny, you only established this team the other week.”

“Bro, don’t ruin my dramatic flair!”

“Contestants!” Dewey’s voice rang out through his mega phone. “Line up in the order of teams you’re in! It’s time to begin! Who’s gonna win it, the year supply of donuts? Can that come with a year’s worth of dental insurance?” he laughed. No one else laughed with him. “Eh…alright. First we have the Dream Team!” The small group of spectators watched as the three teenagers positioned themselves on the edge of the diving dock.

“So how does this work?” Jasper frowned, watching the teens. She couldn’t even comprehend why anyone would want to voluntarily jump into that pit of blue death.

“It goes by the biggest splash, farthest water range, and highest water range,” Steven said, writing their names down in the contestant boxes.

“So it’s based purely on measurements then?” Peridot smiled. “I like that idea. Jasper, your size is immaculate. I can’t imagine any one better suited for this contest then you.” Jasper smirked as she watched the three teens splash into the ocean. “I know, right? In the bag.” She sneered down at Steven and Connie. “What do you think you two are going to do? You’re both so light I could hold you in my pinky.”

“That’s not fair 'cause you have gem strength,” Steven reminded her with a pout. “And who says Connie and I don’t have something awesome up our sleeves?”

“Something awesome is not gonna save you from me,” Jasper teased them. “I could crush most of the people here with one toe. You’ll be lucky if there’s any ocean left once I jump in there.” The children crossed their arms.

“I bet you’re going to feel awfully embarrassed when you’re beaten by two children then,” Connie said slyly. “And in front of all these people too. How will you ever show your face again in this town?” Steven was stunned at his best friend’s audacity but he couldn’t help laughing at the befuddled look on Jasper’s face.

“Watch and learn.” In a flash she was in a large red bikini, her hair up in a huge ponytail that almost fell down to her butt. “Say good-bye to your precious donuts, humans.” Back in the audience, Peridot and Lapis wisely summoned their own umbrellas.

Jasper didn’t use her gem strength. With the size of her body she didn’t need to. She barely hopped into the air but the force of her weight slapping into the water was still like a giant boulder falling into the sea. The water shot up into the air like a true canon ball had just been fired and doused everyone in the first row. The audience was in awe as Jasper surfaced and they immediately started cheering.

The ex-general smirked arrogantly, flipping her ponytail like a satisfied sorority girl as she looked over at the excited crowd. Pathetic creatures as they were, any attention on her was always well appreciated. She was used to the weaker gems gawking at her talent in the military. This was almost the same, except with weaker, insignificant life forms. “Just try and beat that, kids!”

Steven and Connie’s eyes locked, fired with determination and excitement. Mischievous grins crossed their faces and the last thing that Jasper expected was to watch the children twirl in a circle, before forming into one large person nearly rivalling her size. Judging by the shocked expressions on Peridot and Lapis’s faces, they were no less surprised.

Stevonnie took a running leap towards the dock and lunged into the air, high above Jasper. They plunged down, and it was as if an atomic bomb had gone off, sending up a mushroom cloud of water and foam. Jasper was soaked to the bone and so was the entire audience. Beaten out of the park, Jasper couldn’t find any emotion in her but shock.

“What the-?! You two can FUSE?! Quartz, you can fuse with a HUMAN? That…that is…!” She couldn’t help it, and a grin of disbelief crossed her face. “Incredible! I had no idea humans had the ability to fuse! When were you going to tell us this?”

Stevonnie grinned at the force fusion, and Peridot and Lapis that had come closer. “We were waiting for a special occasion!”

“When did you discover this?”

They rang out their hair. “How about we tell you over a box of delicious prize donuts?!”


“You and Connie fused to win the contest?” Amethyst laughed. “Now that’s what you call strategy!” She stuffed her face with one of their donut boxes. “Who says that fusion is just a cheap tactic?” She flashed a grin over to Jasper and the fusion gave a small smirk.

“You got me there…”

“This is an incredibly excessive amount of donuts,” Pearl mused, making a face at the strong, sickly sweet scent. “Steven don’t humans need a balance of food in their diet in order to maintain proper nutrition?”

“That they do,” Garnet agreed, tucking away one of the boxes. “Which is why, Steven, after that box that’s it for tonight.” A smile tilted her lips. “Besides, when you get upstairs, you and Connie might be too excited with what surprise awaits you to even think about donuts.”

The children exchanged wide eyed looks and ran up the stairs, shocked beyond belief at what they saw. There was a large replacement tv where Steven’s dismantled one had been before. It had a vibrant screen and higher definition.

“Pearl saved up some cupons.”

“I know those meaningless earth papers were good for something…”

Steven leaped nearly ten feet into the air. “This is amazing! This Day Of Fun has officially been the best day EVER! I got to spend time with my new friends, won a contest with my best friend and got a new tv! There’s only one thing that can make this day even better!” He opened the box of donuts. “More bed time donuts and some video games on a high definition tv!”

“I call the space simulator game!” Peridot declared, while Lapis and Connie struggled with her. “It’s our turn to play, triangle head!” Lapis hissed. “I’ve been waiting since yesterday to play Animal Railroads!”

Jasper snorted and sat down cross legged in the middle of the floor. A surprisingly exhausted Steven followed, resting his cheek in her lap. “Nerds, right?”

“Yeah…” Steven agreed. “Nerds…”


His eyes shifted in the darkness, adjusting to the surroundings around him. He was enshrouded in a black abyss. It was silent, it was ominous…and he had a feeling that he wasn’t alone.

Cold, malicious yellow eyes targeted him from the darkness. Her fanged grin was illuminated as brightly as the diamond on her chest. “Welcome, Rose Quartz… I’ve been expecting you.”
Smol Child by Cryssy-miu
Smol Child
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           How long have you been on DeviantArt?

            Seven years. Is that right? O_O Holy shit.

    What does your username mean?

    My first ever character's name is Cryssy. And it's also a name I've always wanted. I used to hate my real name but I've come to embrace and adore it eventually. “Miu”, supposed to be a cuter spelling for “mew.”

    Describe yourself in three words.

    Loyal. Passionate. Innocent.

    Are you left or right handed?

    Right, to the point where I can not use a fork in my other hand.

    What was your first deviation?
    OMG SIPPY CUP by Cryssy-miuForgive me Father, for I have sinned

    What is your favourite type of art to create?

    Fanart and character designs.

    If you could instantly master a different art style, what would it be?

    Realism. :dead:

    What was your first favourite?

        Oogway Ascends by anandama-pandama

    What type of art do you tend to favourite the most?

    Fanart. Very much fanart and jewellery.

    Who is your all-time favourite deviant artist?

    Ohhhhh. Argh. I have many, so this is a hard, hard choice... Many names are slipping me (especially since so many people have CHANGED THEM but I'd have to say :iconmickeymonster:. His art is charming, full of character and life.

    If you could meet anyone on DeviantArt in person, who would it be?

    :iconfaithfirefly: :iconoil: :iconturbomun: :icondaijouboom:

    How has a fellow deviant impacted your life?
    :iconfaithfirefly: This boob is like my sister. Seven years and counting baby.

    What are your preferred tools to create art?

    Sketchbook, photoshop, Adobe Flash, Sai.

    What is the most inspirational place for you to create art?

    The beach. Laying there in the sand, feeling the sea breeze, hearing the lap of water.... nothing like it. :heart:

    What is your favourite DeviantArt memory?
    Ugh as much as I hate it, this...

    *awestruck*..........................whoaaaaaa......that's exactly how I would picture Shifu's father to look like! ^__^

    I'm just going to introduce myself here (because I find when I introduce myself on people's profiels they NEVER reply... so since I'm first comment I have a better chance of you replying)
    My name is Crystal, like you, I ADORE master Shifu! HE'S SO CUTE AND FLUFFYYYY!!! and I've been admiring your new story on fanfiction since you put it on! You are seriously one of the best writers I've ever known, and I was wondering if you want to be friends? “*Almighty cringe* Ughhh...I hate it cause of how I sound, but I mean, this is how I met :iconfaithfirefly: so I can't not love it at the same time.

    And that is my story~

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Hello there, my dear deviants! I am Cryssy/Jordan - whatever you wish to call me. I prefer only close friends call me Jordan though, and I am an artist of mostly the fanart division, but I also love making stamps and emoticons and photography.

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That is all.

Also, I do not take requests.


Chronically weak and timid, but with a heart of solid gold, you tend to require and depend on the help of your friends in most situations. You enjoy their company, but also enjoy solitude and time away from your friends where you can enjoy the sounds of nature. Just because you know you're weak doesn't mean it holds you back, because you know you're strong where it counts, with your overabundance of kindness, caring, and compassion.

You're often worried about saying or doing the wrong things and also fear rejection. Speaking of fear, you've got a lot of it, often times letting your fear hold you back from doing even the most simple of things, such as jumping across a cliff. But in that fear, you can often find just enough bravery to stand up for doing the right thing if your friends need you.

You may be naive and innocent, and you're very shy and quiet, but you're also a very good listener and are likely the one your friends blab on about their problems to — and while you may feel powerless to help at times, just listening and cheering them on means the world to them. Yay!

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95 - Lord of the Scrolls by FaithFirefly

XD, you already know my opinion on this hun, I saw it before anyone else. It's quite amazing how you fit them all in there. I love Tai ...

My Deviantart Story

Journal Entry: Mon Aug 10, 2015, 9:55 PM

           How long have you been on DeviantArt?

            Seven years. Is that right? O_O Holy shit.

    What does your username mean?

    My first ever character's name is Cryssy. And it's also a name I've always wanted. I used to hate my real name but I've come to embrace and adore it eventually. “Miu”, supposed to be a cuter spelling for “mew.”

    Describe yourself in three words.

    Loyal. Passionate. Innocent.

    Are you left or right handed?

    Right, to the point where I can not use a fork in my other hand.

    What was your first deviation?
    OMG SIPPY CUP by Cryssy-miuForgive me Father, for I have sinned

    What is your favourite type of art to create?

    Fanart and character designs.

    If you could instantly master a different art style, what would it be?

    Realism. :dead:

    What was your first favourite?

        Oogway Ascends by anandama-pandama

    What type of art do you tend to favourite the most?

    Fanart. Very much fanart and jewellery.

    Who is your all-time favourite deviant artist?

    Ohhhhh. Argh. I have many, so this is a hard, hard choice... Many names are slipping me (especially since so many people have CHANGED THEM but I'd have to say :iconmickeymonster:. His art is charming, full of character and life.

    If you could meet anyone on DeviantArt in person, who would it be?

    :iconfaithfirefly: :iconoil: :iconturbomun: :icondaijouboom:

    How has a fellow deviant impacted your life?
    :iconfaithfirefly: This boob is like my sister. Seven years and counting baby.

    What are your preferred tools to create art?

    Sketchbook, photoshop, Adobe Flash, Sai.

    What is the most inspirational place for you to create art?

    The beach. Laying there in the sand, feeling the sea breeze, hearing the lap of water.... nothing like it. :heart:

    What is your favourite DeviantArt memory?
    Ugh as much as I hate it, this...

    *awestruck*..........................whoaaaaaa......that's exactly how I would picture Shifu's father to look like! ^__^

    I'm just going to introduce myself here (because I find when I introduce myself on people's profiels they NEVER reply... so since I'm first comment I have a better chance of you replying)
    My name is Crystal, like you, I ADORE master Shifu! HE'S SO CUTE AND FLUFFYYYY!!! and I've been admiring your new story on fanfiction since you put it on! You are seriously one of the best writers I've ever known, and I was wondering if you want to be friends? “*Almighty cringe* Ughhh...I hate it cause of how I sound, but I mean, this is how I met :iconfaithfirefly: so I can't not love it at the same time.

    And that is my story~

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